import issues

  1. R

    LR classic - Images not showing on import screen

    I am trying to import images from SD card into lightroom. Under import option when i do this , it shows the source card and the folders inside, but not the images inside and unable to import. i tried various sd cards but same issue. I does not show any images from the Source devises..Any...
  2. XavierB

    Today, suddenly, my LR will not import photos!

    Today I woke up and wanted to start working on my photos (just as I do every morning) and, all of a sudden, after popping in an SD Card, the Import dialog opening on its own, me selecting the photos I want to import, and clicking on Import... nothing happens. I.e. the "importing photos" progress...
  3. P

    Lightroom importing photos to wrong year

    Hi guys, thanks in advance for your help. I'm a lightroom 4 user, up to date mac software, and I have a new problem with my Nikon D300 importing - it consistently wants to import the photos into a 2016 folder on my external hard drive (Seagate). Capture time for the photos is otherwise correct...