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  1. T

    Importing DNG's

    I just returned home from a 30-day vacation during which I took a lot of photos. Each night during my trip I would export the RAW photos from that day onto a portable hard drive and convert them to .dng format. Now I'm home and importing all the .dng files into my main LR catalog, but it's...
  2. D

    How to add keywords from existing hierarchy during import.

    I have a carefully created and maintained Keyword hierarchy and when I import new photos from a card, the import allows one to insert keywords. But these KWs do not get added to my hierarchy, rather they are a new KW on the top most level. My answer to that has been to keyword after the...
  3. G

    Need help with student critique workflow

    We have been using Lightroom CC to critique my students' images by importing each card and then working in the Develop Module to try different cropping, exposure, etc. As files have gotten larger, the import/copy process has become too long for each card. We would like to use the Add option, but...
  4. P

    How to make catalogs names same as original folders name?

    Hi I just started to use LR but need to redo I think because I cant find photos after import. I have one disk I: where I have thousands of photos in hundreds of folders. All those folders are named by date optionally followed by followed by some description. Exampel: i:\bilder\5d...
  5. M

    Importing into LR Mobile from an SD card

    I apologise if this is a daft/ simple question but... I use LR Mobile on my iPad and have no issues and it syncs to my Mac and visa versa .. I am going away and want to be able to take my SD card out of my camera and use an apple adapter to import into LR mobile. even if i import the pictures...
  6. Eightysevens

    Prevent Import Highlight of Sub Folders [SOLVED]

    At import, how can I get LR6 to recognise only the images of the selected folder I desire imported, & not the potentially hundreds of images in subfolders of that folder, which I am currently having to go through & de-select everytime I import? This is very time consuming.
  7. F

    Import Destination Folder Confusion

    I'm starting to import new images to my Lightroom CS6 (non-cloud) catalog. I've set everything up according to a method and organization I've used in CS3, the last version I worked with. How I've done it: On an external harddrive I've got my 'Photography' folder with everything relating to...