import error

  1. XavierB

    Today, suddenly, my LR will not import photos!

    Today I woke up and wanted to start working on my photos (just as I do every morning) and, all of a sudden, after popping in an SD Card, the Import dialog opening on its own, me selecting the photos I want to import, and clicking on Import... nothing happens. I.e. the "importing photos" progress...
  2. S

    iPhone photos import issue

    Hello all, After lots of LR updates on from LR6 to now Classic CC and numerous OSX -> MacOS and dot releases I still have the same issue, with three iPhone incarnations. #1: There are no photos to import, when clearly there are and disconnecting / reconnecting iPhone lightning cable does help...
  3. J

    Camera Import Defaults No Longer Working

    Lightroom Classic version: 7.2 [ 1156743 ] License: Creative Cloud Language setting: en Operating system: Windows 10 - Home Premium Edition Version: 10.0.14393 Application architecture: x64 System architecture: x64 Logical processor count: 8 Processor speed: 4.2 GHz Built-in memory: 32706.9 MB
  4. M

    Destination Folder not Writable- Can't Import

    I am using a MacPro 2013 and just purchased a new 10TB HGST HE Hard Drive. I copied my previous images hard drive to this one and everything has been working fine until yesterday. Now, when I try to import images in LR to the Hard Drive with my CF Card Reader, I get this message. A few answers...
  5. chantell reid

    Import "not responding"

    I have read a similar thread but I am still at a loss. Nikon D7100, Windows 8 64-bit LR 5.7 Recently and suddenly, trying to import from my camera, I get "not responding" when trying to import. It takes me several attempts for it to finally do something. No thumbnails load. All other functions...
  6. R

    LR5 Crash During Import, Catalog lost

    Something weird yesterday - looking for help. Have been using LR5 without any issues for over a year. Yesterday doing an import (from external USB drive - my workflow is to use the OS to copy from camera to a USB drive Originals folder), LR suddenly quit (about 1/3 way through 79 JPEG only...
  7. E

    Import not working in LR5.7

    I've had no problems with importing from my Canon 6D for 3 years. However, as of this week, LR recognizes the device but when I select the device, it spins and will not show any files to import. Eventually it says the program is not responding and I have to close out of LR. I've tried...