import dialog

  1. J

    Where can I set my preferences how an image import works?

    Hi there, each and every time I import images, I have to - click on "Uncheck all", because I don't want to import old stuff, that is still on the card. - then I have to scroll the menu on the right up, because I want to... - change "Build previews" from "minimal" to "standard" - have to click...
  2. Morris Taub

    'show import dialogue when a card is detected'

    since I updated to version 11.5 this no longer works...anyone else have this problem? I mean it's not a major problem, but automatic was/is nice... is this a 'thing'? thanks m
  3. C

    Best Option to Import Images for quickest review and culling

    I’m returning home from an extended photo vacation with some 11000 rather large images and face the daunting task of sorting through them and culling the bad images — and there will be a lot of bad images because many of the images are of birds in flight. When I return from a trip with far...
  4. D

    My import dialog is different

    I’m sure it’s something that I’m overlooking, but when I try and import I get this
  5. prbimages

    Import destination folder by date - can it be changed?

    When importing, I like to use a date-based folder hierarchy. The import dialog has various folder-naming options available, one of which is very close to, but not exactly the same as, what I would like to use. Is there any way to change them, or to add new ones? Specifically, I want to change...
  6. Jiheffe

    Fully customize destination folder name

    I searched the forums but could not immediately find an answer... I've been an avid ImageIngesterPro user for years, but unfortunately, since MacOS Sierra it has become unreliable, and Marc, the author, has announced it's end of life... So I am turning to the LR import module as a replacement...
  7. M

    Show Import Dialog when memory card is Detected

    Hi I recently moved from a Mac Pro with Adobe Creative Cloud to a HP Z440 Workstation, with Windows 10 Pro and.Adobe Creative Cloud, fully updated with the latest version of Lightroom and Photoshop. My problem is that when I insert a memory card into the built in memory card reader I do not get...