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  1. D

    Import Puzzled by import preset's behavior

    I've been using an import preset for some time and finally want to figure out how to stop one part of the preset's actions. As you can see from the attached screenshot, I import photos from my camera card and place one copy to a folder with the path Derivatives->2022->March 2022. I reset the...
  2. S

    Catalogs Since installing update to LrC v:11, EXIF data not updating to disk

    Since I installed the v:11 update to LrC, XMP sidecar files are not being created when importing proprietary RAW images (Canon CR3) to LR (Windows Explorer shows no sidecar files have been created, and Ligrary grid view shows down arrow indicating EXIF data conflict). After import, I have to...
  3. A

    Canon R5 Rating Infos * -*** not imported in LR CC 10.4

    When rating images on Canon R5 ( one or more *) they do not appear in LR. Not after copying the CR3 files into local dis nor when reading from SD Card. tried with reread metadata from the file. does somebody has experience in this? kindes thanxs for helping
  4. T

    LRC shows superseded develop pane and tools on imported old catalogs

    Hi, I use LRC latest version (fully updated), Windows 10 machine I have imported 15 years olf old images (all good) and also decided to import old-version catalogs marked -v10.lrcat, hoping to bring across the settings, flags, etc. But the óld catalog images show the old, superseded develop...
  5. D

    Can't Import

    I'm a very experienced user of Lightroom Classic and i CAN'T IMPORT ANY IMAGES into Lightroom ! I haven't needed to import any images for several months, but now I can't import anything from my camera, the cards themselves or from my hard drive I have been using LR for over 8 years and have...
  6. gegjrphotography

    Temporary Import Data

    I keep all my Lightroom files, except backups of course, on an external HD. I have noticed that there are several "temporary import data.#db files in the Lightroom folder (I use Windows-10 LrC version 10.3. Is it ok to delete these old files? My lrcat file was last updated 7/9/2021.