import catalog

  1. celeste

    Import from Catalog fails: Unknown error

    While on vacation I created a new catalog just for those pictures. I now want to add those images (with my associated work) to my master catalog. From my master, I choose: File-->Import from another catalog--> then browse to the appropriate ltcat file. I get a dialog box which has a status bar...
  2. GaryPhotomd

    Lightroom Catalog cannot open - Connect PC external NTFS hard drive to new MAC

    Just got a New iMac desktop . Have been using lightroom on a PC for the last 10 yrs All my images are on an external hard drive formatted to NTFS.. when i connect to the drive to the new mac i get this Lightroom cannot open the catalog named “Lightroom Catalog-2-v10” located on volume “Blue...
  3. T

    LRC shows superseded develop pane and tools on imported old catalogs

    Hi, I use LRC latest version (fully updated), Windows 10 machine I have imported 15 years olf old images (all good) and also decided to import old-version catalogs marked -v10.lrcat, hoping to bring across the settings, flags, etc. But the óld catalog images show the old, superseded develop...
  4. R

    Catalog import gone wrong

    I've tried to import a catalog from my laptop into my master LR catalog on my desktop, but it hasn't gone according to plan. The laptop catalog has imported in to the master catalog fine, but all the photos were on a portable drive, and the catalog on my desktop is still linked to this drive. I...
  5. A

    Imported photos OK but no photos in catalog

    I'm new. I have a MacBook Pro with an attached Drobo to hold my single big catalog. Works fine. I went to Canada with the MacBook Pro and created a catalog on the internal drive to import and edit a hundred or so photos. No problems with creating a new catalog, I think--it seemed to work fine...
  6. Riley Walker


    I went to import about 160 photos into my LR catalog last night and it wouldn't work. The import window opened as normal, I selected where the photos would go and hit import, I checked back 5 minutes later and the progress bar hadn't changed, I then cancelled and tried again, but the import...
  7. guido.coza

    changes not showing after import from another catalog

    Hi All I seem not to be winning! I spend days on my laptop assigning names to faces in the "people" tab. I exported the catalog onto a external drive, imported from this catalog and none of the new names I added on the laptop show up in my master catalog!! Am I missing something??
  8. D

    Exporting & importing catalogues for book module

    Hi all Can I ask all of you -- who've been so amazingly helpful in the past -- two quick questions about using the book module? Background: My master catalog is on an external drive, so when editing images I tend to export the folder the pics are in as a catalog (including negatives) onto my...