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  1. C

    LR Classic crashes during import

    Hi Victoria, hi everyone I've just updated LR Classic to the newest version and it seems my first (or second) import after the update crashes repeatedly. I import from a CF Card through a reader into the catalog and this time it started the import, but the porgress bar stopped at the very...
  2. D

    Can't Import

    I'm a very experienced user of Lightroom Classic and i CAN'T IMPORT ANY IMAGES into Lightroom ! I haven't needed to import any images for several months, but now I can't import anything from my camera, the cards themselves or from my hard drive I have been using LR for over 8 years and have...
  3. T

    Import Lightroom internal HD not appearing in Desinations when choosen.

    Greetings, Problem: When I am importing photographs from a card or external HD to light room it won't let me index my drive so I can see the files. I can choose the drive in TO but it won't show up in destinations. Information: I have a MAIN drive for windows and Programs, then a secondary...
  4. K

    Importing photos issued

    I am trying to import photos from my SD card into Lightroom as 'copy as DNG'. I can see the images but when I try and import them I get the message that says 1-100, 101-200, 201-300, 301-331 files not recognised by the raw format in Lightroom 331. I also tried just using 'copy' but received a...
  5. K

    Import RAW plus JPG

    If I shoot RAW (.CR2) plus JPG, LR Classic 10 will import both files to the correct date folder, but will not add the JPG file to the catalog. All I see is the RAW file. If I shoot JPG alone, then the JPG file is imported to the date folder and it IS added to the catalog. You may wonder why I...
  6. C

    Import does not grey out photos that are already in the catalog

    I have recently consolidated my catalog. All is well. I am checking out the various chips from several cameras that I loan to family to make sure all the pictures are in the catalog. Usually, LR (Classic V 9.3) will "gray out" the previously imported pictures (excepting those that were...
  7. J

    LR Import Dialog offers to create new folder but won't do it.

    How does this happen? I am trying to import into a new folder entitled 2020 and within that by date 20200109 The import dialog offers the ability to create a folder: Yet when I navigate there and try to create it ...LR tells me the path doesn't exist despite the navigation to it having taken...
  8. D

    Folders (photo's) won't import into Lightroom

    I have been unsuccessful in finding other threads about my particular LR issue regarding the import of photos... I am attempting to organize all my photos by saving them under one master photo folder and then under their respective date subfolders... I am using LR Classic (subscription-based...
  9. XavierB

    Today, suddenly, my LR will not import photos!

    Today I woke up and wanted to start working on my photos (just as I do every morning) and, all of a sudden, after popping in an SD Card, the Import dialog opening on its own, me selecting the photos I want to import, and clicking on Import... nothing happens. I.e. the "importing photos" progress...
  10. M

    Import Can't import photos

    My surface pro 4 recently broke so I'm temporarily stuck with an old Windows 7 lenovo T420 laptop. I recently downloaded all my CC apps again. I opened lightroom and the option under file to add photos AND the + button for adding photos are both grayed out. It does not let me click on them. When...
  11. S

    Import Import

    I'm not sure what I did. I used to have my "to" selection within the import window be my LR catalog. Somehow I must have done something and changed it to my master HD which I do not want. Any ideas how I get it back to my LR catalog? I'm not figuring it out.... See the link below to see what my...
  12. F

    NEF photos not able to be imported to lightroom 6

    Hey everyone, I just bought Lightroom 6 and ran into this problem straight away. I can't import my NEF photos of a Nikon D3400. Do i need to convert them before using them in LR? Or did i buy the wrong version and should have gone with a CC subscription? :( Thanks for your help!
  13. F

    Reinstall not working properly?

    I recently had to reinstall the latest version of LR (am a a subscriber to the Creative Cloud service from Adobe) I shot off a couple of hundred pictures and am trying to get them to open in LR so I can manpulate them. (I'm an admitted newbie to the Adobe suite of photography apps.)...
  14. craigbrandau

    Hard Drive Preferences

    Hi, I have two hard drives. One that is part of my Mac and an external hard drive. When I go to import my photos, they automatically go to my Mac's HD. I want them to only go to my external. I know I can choose which one to import to, but would rather just have the one option: the external...
  15. M

    Destination Folder not Writable- Can't Import

    I am using a MacPro 2013 and just purchased a new 10TB HGST HE Hard Drive. I copied my previous images hard drive to this one and everything has been working fine until yesterday. Now, when I try to import images in LR to the Hard Drive with my CF Card Reader, I get this message. A few answers...
  16. W

    Lightroom wants to Import images???

    I recently installed/upgraded to Lightroom CC 2015.5 under Windows 8.1. The last couple of times I have been reviewing images in the Library module, Lightroom suddenly goes to a blank screen and wants to import images. To my knowledge, I am not doing anything that would cause this to happen...