import as catalog

  1. G

    Export/edit/reimport folder as catalog not reimporting correctly (as expected)

    So I now have a desktop and laptop to work with. I use my laptop when I'm on the road working... I needed to take some of my photos with me from my desktop to work on with a client - this is what I did.. 1. I exported the folder I needed as a catalog to a hard drive, and imported as a catalog...
  2. lbeck

    How can I remove unused photo files from my large catalog?

    I finally have trimmed my large catalog from about 40K photos to about 28K. My problem is that the photos are contained in several hundred folders Many folders that I'm carrying with my catalog may have 50-100 photos with only a few imported to Lr. So my catalog currently occupies over 700 GB...
  3. S

    Import Import

    I'm not sure what I did. I used to have my "to" selection within the import window be my LR catalog. Somehow I must have done something and changed it to my master HD which I do not want. Any ideas how I get it back to my LR catalog? I'm not figuring it out.... See the link below to see what my...
  4. Geof Leigh

    Import from another catalogue doesn't seem to work in Classic CC

    I have a more powerful but heavy laptop that I use for all my LR processing. I take a smaller laptop with me on my travels. Whilst on my travels I import photos to LR in the smaller laptop using a temporary catalogue. I do some basic edits. I then import them to my main laptop using File >...
  5. guido.coza

    still struggle with catalog merging

    Hi Guys I still seem, not getting it right to merge my catalogs and always have the latest edits. I keep all pictures on a external drive. Now and than I move new pics from either iMac or laptop to this external drive. Than I edit/delete pics either on laptop or on iMac on this drive. On top I...