1. gegjrphotography

    Import Destination

    Ok, this is a really odd if not silly question. Especially since I've been using LRC since the standalone days back to V3. So please be kind if you answer. Anyway, I can't for life of me figure out how to use the import by DESTINATION option or what it is even used for? I tried to use it to...
  2. L

    Please Help, I'm in a pinch! - "This File Could Not Be Found"

    My worst nightmare - FIRST time I've charged for photography (wopping $40) and I accidents delete the photos. I HAVE to find a way to recover these! I tried to download the "scripts zip" file...that didn't work because it's not showing on my toolbar like it is on the YouTube person's toolbar...
  3. Ron Emmons

    why don't my images appear?

    Operating System:OS X 10.13.2 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic CC It seems like many people I upgraded to Classic without realizing that would delete the previous version (2015) and now most of my images don't appear in the navigator. When I try to...

    Disappearing Images-HELP!

    Hi I am new to Lightroom 6, (and photography in general), and am having an issue with my images missing after I upload them to lightroom,and then to shootproof for my clients to view. Here (was) my steps in importing/exporting: (very simplified I know for you experts) 1-insert SD card, import...