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    LR Classic Sort by Capture Time Issue

    My LR Classic, V12.5, is set to sort my Library images by "Capture Time". For RAW images this seems to be working correctly. BUT when I make a copy of an image and then process it the 'resultant new' image is not sorted by the capture time of the original image but rather appears at the very...
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    Maximize Image View Size

    I've recently transferred to LRC and am currently working through my library of photos to organize/tidy-up/tag, etc. In particular I'm having to re-tag the people in the images as this didn't carry over from my old setup (I do have keywords so I can find these really easily). So now I'm just...
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    LR classic - Images not showing on import screen

    I am trying to import images from SD card into lightroom. Under import option when i do this , it shows the source card and the folders inside, but not the images inside and unable to import. i tried various sd cards but same issue. I does not show any images from the Source devises..Any...
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    Duplicate images by exact time.

    Hi. I need to find duplicate original images by date and time. The time being defined, not by a second, but by 1/100 sec. ) I bracket and as a consequence shooting at 8 fps, there is no way to identify "true" duplicates. Is there an app that can identify this. so I can remove duplicates that...
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    LR reduces the size of my pictures when set 1:1 (sometimes!)

    Operating System:Macbook Pro 2015 on 10.11.6 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):5.7 I have been scanning some film and importing it into LR. If the scan is for example 5000x5000 pixels and I click on 1:1, then sometimes the picture will show at approximately 2 screens wide as it...