image quality

  1. reidthaler

    Image Quality, iPhone 11: DNG vs JPG vs HEIC

    I've always been a pretty dedicated raw shooter, and was really excited when it became available on the smart phone a few years ago, and have been shooting with it pretty much exclusively. A few days ago, I got an iPhone 11, and just thought I'd do some tests, especially since I'm teaching...
  2. J

    Image quality with Blurb Photo Books

    I am working on my first Photo Book through Lightroom. I have done about a dozen books with Apple through the Photos App, but changes in the App has made it more cumbersome. So, I want to try Lightroom's Book Module. So far, it is super easy and I love it. But before I send it to the...
  3. dylan

    resizing image before crop to save image quality?

    I have been trying to figure out why i lose pixels/quality from my shots once i crop down in lightroom. It is quite noticeable from my original shots, however have recently come across information that sais to export/resize first to an image such as 1080 x 1080 for instagram, then import it back...