1. George Burrows

    How do I move LR to Mac from Windows?

    How do I make the switch from Windows PC to iMac? My OS crashed again today. I am tired of years of OS issues. I have 100K photos in Windows format. Once I get a new C drive and the PC is running I need to move my work to the iMac/IOS format. I have a 2018 iMac I use for Logic Pro X. I am done...
  2. Nicky3540

    Does Lr Place More Demands on Processor or Memory?

    My iMac is six-plus years old and for various reasons I decided to upgrade to a new one. I bought one with a 3.0GHz 6-core 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor and upgraded the memory to 32GB. (I also chose to get SSD storage instead of a hard drive or a Fusion drive.) I've already ordered...
  3. J

    Develop module Imac crashes when converting to HDR

    Recently my Imac 27inch, 4.2 i7 16 Gig RAM crashes without warning when I attempt to convert images to an HDR or Panorama. Otherwise stable
  4. Suzanne015

    LR CC in Windows, sharing with Mac

    I'm just on the edge of purchasing a powerful Windows 10 computer. BUT....I currently do most of my work on an iMac...the LR is downloaded onto this, but all the photos it accesses are saved on an external hard drive. Occasionally, when I travel, I take my laptop with and use the same EHD. My...
  5. D

    Would a new IMAC help me?

    I have the opportunity to buy a use IMAC at a very good price. i'm currently on an older imac but don't know if the new one is going to give me enough performance increase. here's my specs: using LR CC Classic with 390,00 photos in one catalogue. i have the photos spread over 7 or 8 external...
  6. RonnieSue

    Duplicate Lightroom

    Hi, i want to make a 100% duplicate copy of my catalogue and photos on my macbook pro. I currently have my catalogue on my IMAC hard drive, and my photos on an external HD. i want to be able to access the entire catalogue and photos on my macbook pro, with my photos i on a second external HD...
  7. George Burrows

    Switched to iMac from Windows.

    I am now going all Mac and iPad Pro. I have had a storage, catalog and collection issue since Lightroom three. Finally I cam up with my own system. However, now I has 4 TB of photos in RAW, JPEG and duplicate folders dating back to 2010. They are all for my websites. I am very disappointed...
  8. J

    Can't import "movie" files to iMac from iPhone 7

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):MacOS 10.3.3, iOS 11.2.6 The "movie" files from iPhone go into LR as the codec is unavailable and can't generate preview. The files do not open,either, in iMac although they are fine on the phone. Do I need to do something on...
  9. L

    Updating My Workstation (Mac)

    I'm in need of an upgrade from my current 2009 MBP with an external Apple Cinema Display. Trying to decide if I want to get another MacBook Pro and purchase a 4K monitor, or go for an iMac but then I would not have a good portable option which I need. Budget is an issue too. Both of these...
  10. A

    What imac specs needed to optimize Lightroom?

    I am looking to purchase a new iMac and wondering what specs I need in order to optimize how Lightroom runs and decrease wait time. I am looking at a 27", but wondering what makes sense in terms of upgrades. i7 processor? ssd vs. fusion? what is the min about of memory needed? Which specs are...
  11. LIN

    From MacBook to iMac

    Good Morning everyone. Thankyou for all your great input and output on this forum, it looks like I may get the help I need here to solve this issue (Fingers crossed) I am a user of the now old Lightroom3 but it works great for me and it is mine, I own a canon 60d and import photos via usb lead...
  12. Batman

    Work seamless and move photos from MacBook pro to iMac within LR

    I've got a MacBook pro that I always take with me when travelling. At home I've got an iMac connected (thunderbolt) to an external 8GB HD. I'm struggling to move the photos from my MacBook Pro to the iMac (external HD) and keeping all post-processing I've done while being on the road. If I...
  13. P

    Develop Sliders unresponsive on imac

    Hello I am a LR CC (monthly subscription) user and I am having major problems with the Develop sliders become unresponsive after about 10mins of use. I am working on an imac running Yosemite. Also if I switch the program off and on again it doesnt seem to have saved adjustments I made when...
  14. N

    Lightroom CC - Crashes when import selected

    Hi, Not sure if this is a LR problem or an installation issue but when I select import LR goes to look at the discs on my iMac but then freezes with a spinning ball :( When auto import happens (when a memory card inserted in the machine) the import functions fine Any thoughts or suggestions...
  15. instanes

    Excellent Experience with New Mac

    I had a late 2012 iMac with 16 g of memory. Since upgrading through the various versions of El Capitan I had less than satisfactory experiences with LR launch times. Sometimes taking up to a minute. Had scoured the web and tried every possible remedy with very mixed results and everything I...
  16. B

    External hard drive not ejecting

    I am using Lightroom 6 or CC and have a Firewire external hard drive with my photos and catalogues on it. My computer is an iMac 27 running El Capitan. When I quite Lightroom and then try to eject/unmount the external hard drive the system is unable to eject it and says that some program is...