1. B

    Keyboard shortcut "Visualize spots" possible fpr PC?

    Hi there, is it possible, to create an own keyboard shortcut for "Visualize spots" on PC? This would be very handy! Thanks for an answer and best regards from Germany, Frank
  2. A

    Keyboard Shortcut Question

    Hi Is there a keyboard shortcut for this: In the Develop Module Panels (Tone Curve through Camera Calibration panels) is there a shortcut key to turn off/on the effects for those panels - rather than trying to click that little up and down (on/off) slider? For example, I add some sharpening...
  3. Dano59

    Keyboard shortcuts for keywording??

    We're using LR cc on a mac platform at work. We regularly catalog 1,000+ "snapshots" for projects. Our workflow seems to work well except for keywording... which is often neglected because it tends to be very time consuming. We really only use 6 primary keywords but relevant images are...
  4. B

    One shortcut that would save me a lot of time...

    Hi all - hoping someone can help me find a shortcut which would save me a ton of time... My workflow involves viewing 4-5 images side by side in 'survey mode' and making my selections from there. What I've been trying to find out for a while now is whether there is a keyboard shortcut for...