history panel

  1. Paul_DS256

    History Panel Not Expanding

    I just noticed this today, but know I was using the history panel a couple of days ago. When I expand the History or Snapshot panels, there is a minuscule movement but not a full expansion. As you can see Presets and Collections work. I shut down and restarted LR; no change. Any advice? Thanks
  2. M

    PC to Mac Adjustments

    Hello I am in the process of moving from a PC back to my Mac. I've succesfully migrated the library etc., but I have noticed that the adjustments/history I have made on photos do not appear. Have I done something wrong. Or is this just a consequence of migrating? Thanks Jim,
  3. P

    Catalogs synchronizing catalogues on 2 computers

    Operating System: windows 7 64 bit Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom version: 5.7.1 [994254] I use lightroom on both my desktop and notebook computer. I import images from my camera's card to a new folder on my notebook and after editing them, copy them to the...
  4. oleleclos

    Making a virtual copy of an original AFTER editing it

    Hi everyone, I hope you don’t mind me sharing a little Lr detail that I have only worked out recently myself. It may be blindingly obvious, but it wasn’t to me ;) After having edited a picture, I sometimes find myself wanting to take it in a different direction without losing everything I have...