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    Lightroom CC on 10.5" iPad Pro - anybody else lose the histogram?

    Just sat down to do some image culling and editing on my iPad, and thought I was going insane - I can't get it to display the histogram. Two-finger tap brings up image info, as normal, but the next two-finger tap just removes the info and doesn't show the histogram; third tap doesn't do anything...
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    Histogram different in LIBRARY and DEVELOP?

    I don't know why I never noticed this effect before. Here is a histogram for one of my photos, in LIBRARY. Notice the sharp spikes just above the f6.3 part of the caption. Now here is the same histogram in DEVELOP. I have not done any processing of this image, which is a NEF file from a...
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    range indicators in histogram

    In the Develop module, when I am using the Basic tools and the Histogram and I hover over Highlights, Shadows, Whites, and Blacks, I sometimes see an indicator of that specific range in the histogram. For example, when I hover over or click on Shadows I see a highlighted area, towards the left...