1. dfkotz

    Library module HEIC photos disappear (missing)

    Although I am primarily a Nikon shooter, I often use my iPhone XR (iOS 14.6) when on-the-go. In several instances over the past month, however, Lightroom has lost the imported HEIC photos. Roughly speaking: use LR to import directly from iPhone connected by USB, mark some photos to be...
  2. L

    Teekesselchen Duplicate - Reject flag .jpg, not .heic

    Hi all I've downloaded the above plug-in to remove duplicates. It's doing exactly as I hoped, except it's giving reject flags to my .jpg files, not the .heic (which I want to keep). I have tried deselecting preferring larger file size, given the more efficient compression of .heic, but to no...
  3. S

    Library module Removing duplicates - HEIC vs JPEG and CR3 vs DNG

    Hello I am a real newbie. due to a number of mistakes I did over the years (of course, as I did not know this website and forum and basically I worked with a "trial and error" method), my Library is full of duplicates. Basically: - many pictures from my Canon camera, have CR3 version and DNG...
  4. reidthaler

    Image Quality, iPhone 11: DNG vs JPG vs HEIC

    I've always been a pretty dedicated raw shooter, and was really excited when it became available on the smart phone a few years ago, and have been shooting with it pretty much exclusively. A few days ago, I got an iPhone 11, and just thought I'd do some tests, especially since I'm teaching...
  5. F

    HEIC issues

    Hi! I'm using LR 8.3.1 and am trying to import HEIC pix from my Iphone 7. It will either import as JPG, or if I change a setting on my iphone to transfer pix in their original format, LR doesn't see them at all! UGH! I want to keep the HEIC format-- esp since LR supposedly can do this. What am...
  6. V

    .HEIC images produce xmp sidecars on import?

    Hi, I am new here - a silent reader for a while already;) I use the Lightroom App on my iPhone and Lightroom Classic (latest version) on my mac. I realized that when I import .HEIC files into Lightroom Classic, it creates 2 files in the Masters folder: an .HEIC file and an .xmp sidecar file...