healing brush

  1. JML

    Healing brush gets smaller with every application

    I have had a weird problem since at least the last update: When I use the healing brush (all three versions: content-aware, heal, clone), the brush size gets smaller with every click, see attached illustration where I repeatedly clicked from left to right. I wait until the click gets processed...
  2. P

    Healing brush not saving selection

    Hi Maybe it's me not understanding the way the healing brush etc works in the Develop module but online search has not found me the answer. I know how to select the object I want to heal or remove and see that after I ave circled it that it has identified the area which it is going to use to...
  3. A

    Healing/Clone Brush Not Working

    When in healing brush the cursor moves very slowly and jerky and will not stay in a straight line. iMac Catalina 15.3. Reset preferences, closed and restarted LR and neither worked.
  4. gYab61zH

    Less than prefect results with healing brush

    Some advice about how best to remove objects from a landscape in LR Classic would be much appreciated. I searched the web far and wide and followed some of the tutorials but whatever I do I never get a satisfactory result. The example below illustrates the problem. I tried to remove a power mast...