1. K

    Develop module Bulk HDR or pano

    LR 11.5 on windows 10, I have a bunch of bracketed and pano images. Instead of selecting each set, and apply HDR/Pano, is there a way to select all images and let LR decide which group of images to do HDR/pano (perhaps by timestamp, or some other metadata)? Use case: real estate projects
  2. Kathy Eyster

    HDR processing hung Android phone

    I attempted to use the HDR function as part of the Technology Preview on my Samsung S22 Android phone. The raw files did not appear in LR on my phone. They went to the Gallery. Now LR is continuing to "process" files that are no longer there (I deleted them from the gallery). How can I abort the...
  3. Paul_DS256

    Rename Images In Associated Sequence (HDR, Pano)

    I've been looking for a plug-in to do the following. If I have 3 bracketed images, I would like to be able to select them then rename them against the '0' EV image fname in the following way: fname-EV0 fname-EVPnn (plus EV) fname-EVMnn (minus EV) I know that LRc processing of HDR will put...
  4. Arnold

    Tecnical differents between LrC HDR and PS HDR Pro

    I notice now and then that users tell LrC HDR is not good enough, so they have to use Photoshop HDR Pro, which can edit in 32 bits. Ps HDR Pro uses Camera RAW to edit. My question is - are the two applications technically different? Aren't they built on the exactly same engine with the same...
  5. M

    HDR Merge crashes LR

    Has anyone else experienced this? Curious to know if anyone has noticed this. I have started a report on the bug reporting url for Adobe. HDR Merging 2 raw Sony A7RIV files in latest LR Classic with any ghosting option selected causes a LR crash. It will usually finish the merge but as it...
  6. J

    Develop module Imac crashes when converting to HDR

    Recently my Imac 27inch, 4.2 i7 16 Gig RAM crashes without warning when I attempt to convert images to an HDR or Panorama. Otherwise stable
  7. N

    Locked files during batch processing

    Lightroom (latest version) every once in a while claims read only access during batch processing of HDR pictures . What I do is Photo > Photo Merge > HDR based on stacks (Stacking > Auto-Stack by Capture Time… > Time Between Stacks 0:00:01). This only happens some times and can be solved by...
  8. Paul_DS256

    Flag + HDR + Stack

    I'm looking to see what I'm missing or how I could improve HDR processing. At the moment, I flag all the images I want to work on. For HDR images, I add the suffix -A,-B and -C to the filename of the 'A' image. I have a Nikon D5300 so only bracket 3 automatically. I then select the 3 images...
  9. Cornelisk

    Lff help creating script for autostacking brackets

    Hi, I'm looking for someone with some lua coding experiance to help me out with some LR automatisations. Proffesionals are welcome, they can contact me via PM! What I'm basily looking for as a better way to stack brackets than the autostack by capture time option. I would think you could stack...
  10. N+13

    Chromatic(?) Issues

    Operating System:Mac High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):Classic CC 2015.12 On Easter Island I shot Moai at dawn with the sun coming up behind, bracketing for HDR. It gave me some interesting star bursts. It also gave me gold glows on the edges of the stone. I first...
  11. P

    Develop module Thumbnails disappear after Merge > HDR operation

    Operating System:Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):7.1 After doing my first HDR operation (from NEFs), one of the source files doesn't display in the Library grid view. I tried to re-import the missing image, but Lightroom won't do that since I have LR configured not...
  12. A

    Develop module Merge to HDR doesn't work in LL CC Classic

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lighroom CC Classic Since upgrading to Lightroom CC Classic the Merge to HDR do not function. Sometime I'm able to create a preview in the HDR module and send it off to create an HDR. However from that point there a...
  13. W

    Aurora HDR 2018 not being opened

    Operating System:Windows 10 Pro Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):Lightroom Classic 7.0.1 I was trying to use Aurora HDR 2018 to prepare an HDR image from five images that are in Lightroom. I highlighted the five images and went to FILE > Export with Presets > Aurora 2018 >...
  14. R

    Number of images for HDR

    When merging five (or more) images (say -2, -1 0,1, +2) I find more noise and pixilation than when merging the two extremes images (-2 and+2). Is anyone else getting this result? Is this a LR issue or a photographer issue?
  15. BobT

    Olympus in-camera HDR

    I have an Olympus E-M1. It has in-camera HDR mode. If the camera is set to HDR and raw shooting mode, the camera take a number of images at varying EV adjustments then outputs two images, one is the composite HDR as a jpg and the other is a raw with 0EV adjustment, that is to say, the correct...
  16. Metamaestro

    Keeping HDR files with bracketed files

    I have been merging HDR files from a recent shoot all day. When Lightroom finishes the merge, the files have been next to or among the original bracketed files in my grid. But, now, later in the day, Lightroom is putting the files at the end of all files and I have to moved each one back into...
  17. P

    beginner questions on HDR

    I'm using LR 6 perpetual on a Windows 10 system. I recently shot some beach scenics with bracketing metered exposure + / - .7 and 1.4 stops. Each sequence was shot at 5 fps, so I can expect some differences due to wave motion. To create an HDR image: Should I use just two images, or can I...
  18. S

    HDR Projects 4 Pro (on special for next 6 days) - people's views?

    Hi all, I am planning at some point in the near future to dabble in HDR photography. I have Photoshop/Lightroom via the CC photography plan and I know both these apps have some degree of HDR provessing capability. I came across this offer on my Twitter feed: HDR Projects 4 Professional for PC...
  19. A

    HDR final image location

    I do a lot of HDR processing in Lightroom. I'll shoot 50 bracketed sets of three photos. Lightroom then presents me with an HDR result which it will sometimes put at the end of the filmstrip. At other times it will place the results within the bracketed photos. I can't figure what to do to get...
  20. Johan Elzenga

    Merge to HDR oddities

    I wonder if anyone else noticed the following 'Merge to HDR' oddities: 1. If you use 'Merge to HDR' (or 'Merge to Panorama'), Lightroom will generate XMP-files for all the source images, even if you have not checked that option in the Lightroom preferences. 2. If you use 'Auto Tone', Lightroom...
  21. G

    Aurora export problem

    Hello all... I hope I explain this correctly. I've been using Aurora HDR pro for a few months now and i've noticed something that is driving me nuts. In the past I would export an image from the develop module to Aurora, do my thing within Aurora, and then when I clicked on ok Aurora would send...
  22. R

    Monochrome HDR and Lightroom

    Hi Guys ! I was wondering - does anyone have any thoughts on this, or links to any useful resources that they might be willing to share please ? (btw - I already have Harold Davies' book !! :)) Thanks in advance, Ross