hard drives

  1. A

    External hard drives not consistently "visible"

    Hello, all. I have a problem with my external hard drives which occurs from time to time and then "disappears" for no clear reason. I utilize one 5T external HD(letter H) for photographs only, a second dual-drive 5T (letter G) for the catalog back-up and raw photo back-up and and a third 5T HD...
  2. A

    Catalogs New PC and Workflow - Need Help!!

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 7.1 Hello, new member here, and hoping someone will know how to help me out! I just finished building a new PC, and really excited to be working on a much faster machine, but also because it will help me improve my...
  3. Justin Jung

    Backing up two+ drives, and edit syncs across all.

    Hi everyone, So I've been doing a massive re-organization of my photography/time-lapse folders, and renaming 7 years of images. I just finished, and backed up these images from HD1, to HD2, as well as onto dropbox. So my question here is, I mostly do all my edits on HD1, and HD2 is never...