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    Applying non-text watermark in LR 5.x?

    Is there an easy way to apply graphics watermark when exporting photos in LR 5.x? My backup plan is to create a photoshop action for it, but would like to do it in LR if possible.
  2. M

    Red color blotchs in develop mode

    Hi everyone! I have a problem when editing my photos in develop mode. I get some really weird red color blotches in spots that are very bright and saturated. I made a picture of this with my phone, since the rendered image from LR won't have these red blotches. Here is my system information...
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    6 MB vs 12 MB - Can I Expect Better Speed?

    My computer has really been screwed up by a Windows 10 upgrade. I am trying to resolve that with MS. As a result, Lightroom won't even open. I will try and resolve that with Adobe. But my last resort is I may need to buy a new computer. I can get a good deal on one that has 12MB cache, instead...