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graphics cards

  1. I

    Recommended Graphics Card for LR Classic

    Hi, I know this is not strictly a LR Classic question but I am struggling to find a list of Graphics Cards from which I might choose to upgrade, there is just too much choice. Photoshop is using the onboard graphics bit LR Classic isn't, the motherboard is too old. I do not want to play games...
  2. Paul_DS256

    Need New Computer

    Even though my Dell XPS 8700 was running Windows 7 very nicely, like many, I was forced to upgrade to Windows 10. After frequent crashes, it would not come back nor will accept a new install (very long story with multiple attempts and needing to use the Intel Rapid Storage Tech built on the...
  3. mjmuk

    Which Graphics Card to buy

    Hi, Just been reading the latest newsletter that contains info on using a dedicated graphics card. I am looking into buying one for my three year old HP Desktop running the latest version of LR Calssic and Win10. Based on the spec in the newsletter, there seems to be a few to chose from when...
  4. B

    New Graphics Card for LR 8.4

    I am currently using an integrated graphics system on an Intel motherboard. The GPU has DirectX 12 support, on Windows 10. When I checked the Adobe CameraRaw logs, I found this message: *** GPU Warning: GPU model is black-listed for GPU3. *** When I change the setting for the Graphics...
  5. K

    New CPU for 7-year old PC?

    Operating System:Win7 Pro 64 bit Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 2015.12, build 1125239 I hope I posted this in the correct forum. I don't see a forum specifically for hardware, so I posted in the forum for the version of LR I'm using. I built my rig back in 2011 — LONG...
  6. tangled mentation

    Graphics card for a 4k monitor

    I know some of this has been covered before but I need some further advice. I recently upgraded my monitor to a lovely, wonderful etc, etc Dell UP3216Q, which runs natively at 3840x2160 (i.e. 4k). It cleared out the bank but the images are great, so much so that a professional photographer...
  7. Drew

    iMac 5k graphics card - 395 or 395x?

    Greetings, I am looking to purchase an iMac 5k for Lightroom, photo scanning, and some video editing. Can anyone speak with experience as to an advantage in the 4GB vram in the m395x vs. the 2GB vram in the m395 graphics card? Thanks for any input.
  8. adamdiveruk

    Mac Pro graphics card choices with Lightroom

    My 2010 Mac Pro has a Nvidia FX4800 graphics card installed. Lightroom 6/CC2015 can use Graphics Processor Acceleration to speed up and make controls more responsive in the develop mode. Despite it having Open GL 3.3, the FX4800 is one of the cards that Adobe do not support with Lightroom's GPU...