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    Graduated Filter Question

    Hi … I’ve been using Lightroom regularly and I often make use of the graduated filter with success. I‘m not sure where my mind went today but it occurred to me that I didn’t have a clear and definitive definition for the meaning of the three lines … upper, middle and bottom. I did a search on...
  2. C

    Weird behavior of adjustment brush, radial filer and graduated filter

    In recent days Lightroom Classic 10.1.1 is behaving very strangely : when I apply a brush stroke with the adjustment brush, I always get a soft white stroke, even if all the brush sliders are zero! Changing any of the brush settings has no effect. See screenshots. When I apply a circular or...
  3. R

    Graduated Filter and Adjustment Brush not working with LR 9.3

    LR 9.3 automatically installed over night, something I must stop happening given my current problem! When I use the graduated filter or the adjustment brush I get the pink tell tale of where I have painted but the sliders do not work and no adjustments are made. Both are critical areas and I...
  4. M

    Cross showing instead of 3 lines in graduated filter

    Hi. When I select the graduated filter in develop, instead of seeing the usual three lines which I can adjust using the cursor I now have a cross I can move across the image but no lines. The filter still works and I can see the selected area by having the mask overlay selected but I can't work...
  5. B

    Develop module Relative Positioning and/or Crop with Graduated Filter Presets?

  6. Johan Elzenga

    Local HSL adjustments in Lightroom

    One of the most requested features for Lightroom is the ability to apply HSL-correction locally, through the Graduated Filter for example. Unfortunately, that is still not possible. I've just published a Lightroom tutorial that doesn’t completely allow for local HSL-corrections, but it allows...
  7. V

    Graduated filter and circular filter don't show overlay mask

    I'm using lightroom 5 with Mac (2012). When I use graduated filter or circular filter and press 'o' it just makes a sound and doesn't show me the mask overlay. There is no box at the bottom to tick to show mask overlay. But it works with the brush tool. Any ideas?
  8. D

    Radial filter and Graduated filter problems

    When I apply one of these filters the area selected goes dark red/brown. When I then try to Change the photograph none of the Sliders work. The tools are all switched on. I am not a Computer wiz so please help.
  9. Suemcbur

    Graduated filter not working

    Hi. I recently got Lightroom and Photoshop CC, and took some intro classes to Lightroom. I was using the graduated filter to adjust exposure in the sky, and it stopped working. I click on the filter, go to adjust the exposure, and it affected the entire photo, not just the selected area. The...