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  1. N

    Finding photos with no location data in CC

    Hi Guys, I have previously been using classic but wanted to the cloud based CC. I created a duplicate catalogue of my usual classic catalogue & synced with the cloud. All has gone well, classic file structure is flat but OK if going to use for editing & geotagging. The location data hasn't...
  2. Skippermark

    Geotagging "Places" is both United States & United States of America

    I've been geotagging my photos using track logs & manual placement since the feature first became available and have over 20,000 photos tagged. I have a few countries tagged and never really paid attention to them, but today I noticed that for ones in the US, about 18,000 say the country is...
  3. A

    Library module Pasting GPS coordinates on multiple images

    On a Mac, how does one select multiple images and apply the same GPS coordinates to all of them at once? On a PC, if I select multiple images in grid view and paste GPS coordinates (or for that matter, any EXIF info) into the metadata panel, a dialog box offers to apply the change to all...
  4. S

    Losing Lr edits on a PSD/TIFF/PNG after editing in PS

    Hi, I'm Peter, I've been teaching Lr since version 1, and I know most of it inside out. There are 2 things I still can't wrap my head around, and answers didn't come from Adobe either. 1. If I have a PSD or other non-RAW file in Lightroom, I can make Lr edits on top of it. But when I then...
  5. Mike Creighton

    Geo-encode by time stamp

    I'm sure this must be straightforward, either in LR or Jeffrey Friedl's plugin, but I can't find it (too tired after a trip photographing owls in Finland - or that's my excuse) so I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I currently load images into LR from two cameras which I use...
  6. D

    No GPS in DNG files after import

    Operating System: MAC OS Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):6.12 Hi all, Recently I installed a camera app on my iPhone, allowing me to shoot Raw (DNG files). I have set Location Services on for the app and in the Camera Roll I can see photos taken with the app get a...
  7. S

    GPS Data Unit Error - Canon 5D Mark IV to Lightrooom

    The GPS unit in the Canon 5D Mark IV records elevation information in meters, and geotags photos with this information as well as location data. When this is picked up by Lightroom on import, it reports the elevation in feet. For example, my current elevation is 6,421 feet. The camera records...
  8. J

    Can't find photo GPS location from iPhone in Lightroom

    Hi, I started the process of switching to Lightroom instead of Apple's Photos app. I'm having trouble with geolocation/finding the GPS data. In Apple Photos, I see my photos grouped by location, with a label for each photo where it was taken. But in the Lightroom library, I don't see the GPS...
  9. P

    How determine GPS data when DNG+JPEG labels are on files in Library Mode?

    My Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone records GPS location data in the metadata of each image. When I have taken images simultaneously in raw (DNG) and JPG format, I cannot get the metadata sidebar LR to report the GPS location data. In Library Mode, my LR CC6.9 shows a label of DNG+JPEG for each such...
  10. V

    Help with geotagging photos - Bad Elf GPS and iPhone, iMac

    Hi, New to the forum. I am looking to geotag my photos and am looking for help in doing so. I use a Panasonic FZ200 camera, iPhone and iMac. I am interested in purchasing a Bad Elf GPS Pro unit. Is anyone using this unit with Mac os and IOS devices? If yes what apps are you using and what is...