1. Paul_DS256

    Is there a LrC Plugin to Google Photos or Google Images?

    I have a number of pictures taken at a butterfly conservatory. Now I'm trying to identify them. The on-line butterfly identification tools are cumbersome and you need and understanding of butterfly taxonomy. I decided to try Google Images and it is great at letting me find the names of the...
  2. nIkedoni1a

    Lost ability to email from LrC

    suddenly i can no longer email photos directly from LrC. only change to my system has been that i disconnected ethernet cable and now connect only using wifi. i select images from library grid>file>email photo. i address hit send and window closes, no error no confirmation either. i removed...
  3. Cuzzinbrucie

    Need Google API Billing to use LR plugin??

    I have used Jeffrey Friedl's geoencoding LR plugin for a long time. Following a period of non-use, I tried using it again. Didn't have the latest release so installed most recent release actually dated today. When I try to run it it tells me I need something called a Google API Billing account...
  4. mantra

    will lightroom cc classic 7.5 support map module ?

    Hi i have read that lighroom cc v6 and the older version ,will not soon support the map module very soon may i ask if the lightroom cc classic v7.x will keep this module working thanks
  5. GingeraMan

    Google Photos Plugin?

    Does anyone know if there is a good functioning Google Photos plugin? At the moment the desktop client just hoovers up everything in a directory, which to my main Lightroom directory would cover an awful lot of stuff that I don't really want sync'd and showing up on my nice Google Photos...