google photos

  1. N

    Duplicates while extricating myself from google photos

    Hi-- In my quest to simplify and consolidate photos, I decided to move all images in googlephotos into LRC. I made exports of all images in google photos using takeout, and imported by year into LRC. All worked well from 1968 (why the heck is there a cellphone photo from 1968?) through 2022...
  2. S

    DNG files created in Lightroom Mobile (Android) show up in Google Photos

    When I take pictures on my Samsung S21 phone, I use Lightroom Mobile (labeled "Lightroom for Samsung") and save them as DNG files. This works fine within the Lightroom ecosystem. I just recently noticed that Google Photos is also uploading them. I don't use Google Photos very often and...
  3. Stefan Aalten-Voogd

    Import photos and metadata (in JSON sidecar files) from Google Takeout?

    I have exported photos taken using my various mobiles devices from Google Photos, using the Google Takeout service ( I now want to import these photos into my Lightroom catalog. Each photo (JPG) is accompanied by a sidecar JSON file which contains metadata, some of which is...
  4. H

    Google photos syncing to lightroom

    Hi group, I am new to lightroom and trying to get my set up. My current workflow involves storing all my photos in an external hard drive and then uploading them to Google photos. What's a good way for me to plug lightroom in to this workflow. Is it through lightroom cc or lightroom classic?
  5. D

    Lightroom import from Google Photos

    Since Google broke the sync link between Google Drive and Google Photos earlier this year (IIRC) has anyone got what they consider a simple and usable workflow for importing from Google Photos and (optionally) exporting back to Google Photos? If there are presets I have not discovered them...
  6. V

    Running out of room on my computer!

    Operating System: Mac Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Classic Hello, I have run out of room on my computer (Macbook Pro) and need to figure out what to do. I was interested in using the new Lightroom cloud but I can't print from it (I'm a scrapbooker and print most of my...
  7. LtFDrebbin

    Using AI to automatically keyword or tag photos

    Although I have a perpetual LR license, my question is not specific to that. I'm looking for technology to help me accomplish my goals. Stick with me for a minute. I don't do a ton of editing. I use LR more as a way to catalog, organize and tag my photos. It takes a ton of time, but when I...
  8. GingeraMan

    Best Way to Sync and Share

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the best way to easily sync and share photos? For example, I just ran face recognition and pulled several hundred pictures together of my partner in to a collection and she gets a real kick out of going through them, but my preference is at her leisure online...
  9. A

    Output Size and Quality for Google Photos Upload

    Hi, I have some photos that I want to upload to my friend's Google Photos. They would exclusively only be looking at these photos on their phone. But, I suppose there is the possibility that someday they may have a larger device (tablet, maybe even a laptop). I don't anticipate them ever...
  10. J

    Google Photos and Lightroom CC

    Hi All Im trying to see up a new macbook as it has just 256gb HD I have put all my photos on Google Photos I want to re cat them with lightroom on my new macbook I have trying to import from Google Photos but lightroom does not see any of the images that at there Should I just copy them to...