google drive

  1. hbwilliams22

    Can I use Google Drive to backup my catalog and images?

    Right now, my primary Lr Classic catalog + backups, and images are stored on my Hard Drive and auto-backed up on Dropbox and again manually on an external Hard Drive. Will Google Drive act the same as Dropbox or will there be limitations?
  2. J

    Lightroom library publishing - help!

    I was a long time user of the mobile app Mosaic which then became Photo Via for publishing my Lightroom library to be available for viewing on my iPhone. The images were stored on Google Drive. I've had tremendous trouble with this service recently and it will no long be supported the way I have...
  3. P

    Export to Google Photos

    I know this has popped up before. I'm trying to be able to export to Google Photos. I tried using Jeffrey Friedl's a couple of times. Is there any new solution to do this? Frustrating to have all my cell phone pictures up with Google but my 'real' photos sit. Thanks
  4. J

    Google Photos and Lightroom CC

    Hi All Im trying to see up a new macbook as it has just 256gb HD I have put all my photos on Google Photos I want to re cat them with lightroom on my new macbook I have trying to import from Google Photos but lightroom does not see any of the images that at there Should I just copy them to...