full hard drive

  1. C

    How do I delete synced Cloud data on one machine, without removing from LR Cloud?

    My Mac's disk is nearly full because I set up Lightroom Classic to sync the originals from Lightroom Cloud storage, and since then, hundreds of gigabytes of RAW images have been synced to Lightroom Cloud from an iPad. Lightroom Classic on a different machine (PC) is the single source of truth...
  2. C

    Sync Where is "Delete All Synced Data" documented for Lightroom Classic

    I am trying to find documentation about "Delete All Synced Data" in Lightroom Classic on Mac, to understand its behaviour, and any options it may have. I have searched for it in Feb 2022 edition of "Adobe Lightroom Classic Missing FAQ" and the Adobe online docs, and cannot find any write-up of...
  3. P

    Moving Folders to a new HDD to create a new Catalog but keeping the edits

    Apologies if this has been asked before I could find a solution. My External drive is full So I'd like to move some folders (all my animal photos) to a new drive and start a new catalog called animals for them whilst keeping the original edits. I've tried moving the folders in Mac finder and...
  4. rwilson

    LIGHTROOM CC2019: How do I SAFELY relocate Lightroom to an external drive? HD FULL.

    I recently started using Lightroom version: 2.3 [ 20190502-0902-47ed471 ] (May 3, 2019) on two iMacs, a Mac iBook, and two iPhones. Prior to this, I have relied on Apple Photos, with two separate libraries that I am hoping to merge as well as numerous sources of imagery that I am hoping to...
  5. O

    My Hard drives are a mess, and Aperture won't copy to new HD

    I have been using Aperture, and want to switch to LR. My Mac Hard drive is nearly full, and I have another External HD that is also full with Misc pictures not linked to Aperture Just files. I am trying to get all of my pictures in one place and organized. I was going to start by copying the...