1. T

    LrC side panels text - how can I max the contrast or colour on the text

    I'm getting very frustrated with LrC dim text on side panels when working LrC on some older screens. On my laptop with OLED and maxed brightness the legibility is good But on older monitor screens, especially where they have been calibrated (ie brightness not maxed out) the LrC font in the LHS...
  2. M

    Book module - change the font in the default preset

    Good afternoon I use Avenir Light 14 as my default font for my Blurb books. However, whenever I add a Photo Description cell, I then have to click the Text Style Preset and select my preset otherwise the font automatically default to Myriad Pro 12 pt. How can I change the default font from...
  3. mantra

    customize the splash screen ,why this border? and fonts

    hi I run lightroom 7.4 under windows 10 and under high sierra ,i have installed 2015 last build too may i ask 3 questions? i have watched this video ( it's not in my native language , i guess it's spanish ) i created a new splash screen but there is always this border 1) is there a way...
  4. Manuductor

    Installing a font in Lightroom

    I want to install the font, Damned Architect, a ttf file, in LR. How do I do that? I had it in a previous version of LR, but it disappeared in one of the updates. Thanks.