1. P

    File Folders and Subfolders

    I am a MAC OS X El Capitan and LRCC 2015 user. I have some images with what appears be be 'odd' directory/folder/subfolder behaviour. In LR my images all show as being listed in their respective main folders and sub-folders; for example I have a set of images displayed in LR as being lodged on...
  2. O

    Starting the library over again in LR5

    Hi, I've got my photos into a bit of a mess and unorganised and having read guidance from experts such as yourself Victoria; I want to start over fresh. I haven't done much editing of any of the photos already in the library. What is the best away to reorganize and rename the folders without...
  3. Eightysevens

    Prevent Import Highlight of Sub Folders [SOLVED]

    At import, how can I get LR6 to recognise only the images of the selected folder I desire imported, & not the potentially hundreds of images in subfolders of that folder, which I am currently having to go through & de-select everytime I import? This is very time consuming.

    Graduated Filter, Radial Filter and Brush Presets

    I found some free presets for the Adjustment brush, Radial Filter and Graduated Filter. Should these presets be placed in the Develop Presets folder or the Local Adjustments folder?
  5. F

    Import Destination Folder Confusion

    I'm starting to import new images to my Lightroom CS6 (non-cloud) catalog. I've set everything up according to a method and organization I've used in CS3, the last version I worked with. How I've done it: On an external harddrive I've got my 'Photography' folder with everything relating to...