1. N

    Can Not Move a Folder - Any Folder

    My folders are a mess! So I'm trying to move files within LRC and I keep getting this error message: Could not complete the folder move. An unknown error occurred. Can anyone help please? Nic
  2. J

    Library module move not work correctly

    I move a photo from folder A original folder to another folder B using using the library mode on lightroom, it asks me if I want to move the photos from one folder to another, I say yesThe problem is that the photos still exist in folder A in the library and also in folder B when they should not...
  3. Antonio Correia

    My LR doesn't import photos

    My LR doesn't 1. import photos :mad: 2. doesn't update the folders where the photos are :mad: 3. imports in one folder and then when I move the folder (inside LR, dragging), the photos are gone but moving them back they do appear ! :mad: 4. can't see the photos ! :mad: 5. stuck in the middle...
  4. Strider1087

    Import Folders, File naming and where to import from camera

    Another post from this newbie. I’ve been searching various sources and have become more confused.. Part of the problem is I will read a guide or watch a YouTube video, pick what I think are good ideas, then discover they weren’t and try changing again. So I have a mess on my computer (windows...
  5. S

    How to switch my date-based folders system to Topic-driven folders?

    I followed someone's advice years ago and now face yearly folders with subfolders - and 80,000 images within them. How would I create folders with nine topics (like the ones Scott Kelby advocates for) and start cataloging this way? Thank you
  6. S

    Lightroom Classic creates DCIM and xxxCANON folders on import

    I was helping a friend with her Lightroom Classic folders as she had accidentally been importing her photos to her internal drive. I noticed that her Lightroom Classic structure creates DCIM and xxxCANON folders under her intended destination. One other thing that I noticed is that the DCIM...
  7. M

    Question marks ( ? )on folders on the left

    I had a problem where (having upgraded to Vertura and the latest LrC update) found it wouldn't open. So I cleared the presets and found a backup of a catalog I made a few days ago. I unzipped it and used it to get LrC open. I've backed-up and reopened LrC a couple of times. However, I notice a...
  8. D

    Ext. drives listed as folders under OS drive (Mac Monterey)

    Hi! Like many other people, I keep my photos on external drives. They have always shown up in Library as separate drives, along with the internal drive that contains the Mac OS, Monterey. A few minutes ago, I added a new drive, formatted in APFS. Other than the OS drive, it's the first drive...
  9. MarcelS

    move (and not copy) folders...

    it seems a bit absurd as I am not able to move - only to copy - folders inside lightoom. all the folders I want to drag into another folder show the green plus sign... as I have some more folders I want to move to another one it would be great to find a solution. I couldn't find hints anywhere...
  10. L

    Unable to open individual folders LR5

    I run: LR5.7.1 64-bit, Windows desktop and laptop computers, Microsoft Windows 365. (MS seems to have updated recently changing a lot of settings?). My photo library is stored on a solid-state hard-drive, ADATA. My catalogue is on my computer(s) and backup on Dropbox. All these systems seem to...
  11. Nadine

    Copy photos to another harddrive /SSD within LR

    Hi there, I bought a SSD as a new storage place for my photos. However, I would like to COPY - and not MOVE - the photos to the new location. So that in case the SSD breaks, I can temporarily use the old external harddrive and LR will still "know" where my images are on that drive. How can I...
  12. Bob Petrow

    Deleting Pictures in LRC Folders

    In Lightroom Classic V-11, does deleting pictures in folders, delete them from your Catalog? As background, I imported my Apple Photos to Lightroom. I want to eliminate the Lightroom Folders IF it will not impact what is "Synced" and "All Photographs." Thank you in advance.
  13. S

    Sync a folder with a collection of that folder

    I would like to have a collection of images (from one folder) that is synchronized with it's parent folder so, if I add or delete an image in the parent folder the collection reflects the changes. Any thoughts how to do this?
  14. Antonio Correia

    How can I fix this, if you please ?

    I don't know how this happened ! When I import photos I always organize them by year and rename with the calendar's date, as you can see bellow . Now, when I import photos they go to the bottom drive inside the year (2021). Whenever I synchronise any folder in the bottom drive it appears on...
  15. silkenpaw

    Import What is the best/most practical way to organize photos?

    Hi All, I have a two-fold question. 1) I have a folder of photos from a California trip in 2002. They have been imported into LR but I must have subsequently created subfolders outside LR because it has the previews but can't find the photos. (The dreaded "!"). Right now I have folders called...
  16. B

    Folders in app, match folder in finder

    So my folders for this external drive looks like this: If you look at my finder, there are folders not showing. (See below) Also 2018 is filled with other folders as well. Many. My goal is to use Lightroom to organize the folders better. Do I just need to add the missing folders, via...
  17. H

    Please help me - "No photos in selected Folder."

    Hello. I really need some help! I'm using a MacBook Pro running OS 10.15.7 and using Lightroom Classic 10.0. I have two catalogs in this computer. A couple of days ago I went into one and NO PHOTOS anywhere. But all the folders are there, no question marks, and when I look at the "show in...
  18. Stephanie Booth

    weird things going on (panel missing, import into wrong folder)

    I'm getting my stepmom back on Lightroom and I have 3-4 weird problems: - although I specify that photos synced from the cloud should be stored in her Photos directory, they go on the external hard drive - when importing photos, I don't have the panel where I should be able to choose the...
  19. D

    Folder numbers dont match

    Dear Lightroom user forum I hope someone can solve the issue shown and described below. In my 'folders' view the numbers of photos dont match, and when I go into my files in explorer, I cant see the 'missing ' photos. My documents E: shows 26352 photos. In this there is a folder- family my...
  20. N

    Importing album into Lightroom CC (cloud)

    Hey guys, I have a bunch of photos - organised by folders on my external hard drive - that I would like to import into my Lightroom CC cloud storage. I would like the photos to be imported into Lightroom CC cloud storage as albums that mimic the name and contents of the folders from the...
  21. S

    How hide devices in folders list?

    Hi Do you know how in the folders list, below all the folders of my photos, I can hide the list of all the old devices eg iPhone, iPad etc? See attached photo. The list is getting long and gets in the way between my photos folders and collections. Many thanks Steve
  22. G

    PRESET folder organization issue

    All my presets (LR classic 8.4.1) were organized in the past but for reasons that escape me, the user presets are now all in together with no folders or sub folders. I want to create some preset folders / groups to enable me to find them better. I am unable to find out how to do this. I would...
  23. lbeck

    How do I archive my entire catalog and photos to a separate EHD?

    I have reconstructed a catalog from bits and pieces of folders of archived photos following the loss of my Lr HDD. Fortunately, I've been able to recover practically all of my photos and associated metadata using a recent backup and relinking photos. A secondary problem that I'll handle as a...
  24. mbImagery

    Multiple Duplicate Catalogs, Missing Photos and So On....

    Hi folks, Firstly let me apologise to all the good people on this forum, and to the Lightroom Queen herself...... Due to a lack of understanding I've let things get very messy over the years. I've always tended to import (no folders or keywords... awful I know) , edit and then save a final...
  25. Dayna

    Lightroom Thinks photos are under 2 different drives

    Hi all - Not sure what I did but under folders, the drive I always use (DM-Primary) , and the drive that has all of my photos is only showing 56 of my 17k+ photos and then underneath, there is an "E" drive with all of my photos folder. There is no "E" drive on my computer anywhere and when I...