1. N

    Importing album into Lightroom CC (cloud)

    Hey guys, I have a bunch of photos - organised by folders on my external hard drive - that I would like to import into my Lightroom CC cloud storage. I would like the photos to be imported into Lightroom CC cloud storage as albums that mimic the name and contents of the folders from the...
  2. S

    How hide devices in folders list?

    Hi Do you know how in the folders list, below all the folders of my photos, I can hide the list of all the old devices eg iPhone, iPad etc? See attached photo. The list is getting long and gets in the way between my photos folders and collections. Many thanks Steve
  3. G

    PRESET folder organization issue

    All my presets (LR classic 8.4.1) were organized in the past but for reasons that escape me, the user presets are now all in together with no folders or sub folders. I want to create some preset folders / groups to enable me to find them better. I am unable to find out how to do this. I would...
  4. lbeck

    How do I archive my entire catalog and photos to a separate EHD?

    I have reconstructed a catalog from bits and pieces of folders of archived photos following the loss of my Lr HDD. Fortunately, I've been able to recover practically all of my photos and associated metadata using a recent backup and relinking photos. A secondary problem that I'll handle as a...
  5. mbImagery

    Multiple Duplicate Catalogs, Missing Photos and So On....

    Hi folks, Firstly let me apologise to all the good people on this forum, and to the Lightroom Queen herself...... Due to a lack of understanding I've let things get very messy over the years. I've always tended to import (no folders or keywords... awful I know) , edit and then save a final...
  6. Dayna

    Lightroom Thinks photos are under 2 different drives

    Hi all - Not sure what I did but under folders, the drive I always use (DM-Primary) , and the drive that has all of my photos is only showing 56 of my 17k+ photos and then underneath, there is an "E" drive with all of my photos folder. There is no "E" drive on my computer anywhere and when I...
  7. H

    I can't get LR5 to open folders I've downloaded into LR

    I've been using LR5 for my initial processing of photos for several years, with no problems, but since early November, it will download them as usual, but the only way I can see the photos is by viewing them under "Previous Import." It shows the folders in the Navigator, with the total number...
  8. A

    Synchronize Photos

    I went to my Image Bank (all my LR photos) and clicked on synchronize folder and it came up with 1900 photos. Many of these appear duplicates but may have different names. Some are jpegs that I would not have changed the name of. I see there is a checkbox for do not import duplicates but if it...
  9. R

    Folders Gone

    Hi, I'm new to the forum but have been using lightroom for many years. I feel like I know how to do most things in it. But. I opened my catalog today and only one of my external drives is showing, and not all 3. How do I get my other drives to link back? I have three or four edited sessions on...
  10. D

    importing to different folders in same session

    I know I can tell LR to import into a specific folder, but is there any way to import some photos into one folder, and others into a different folder, all within the same import session? For one of my clients, I sometimes shoot more than one job during one session, with all of the images...
  11. C

    Import Moved photos from organized folders and want to go back!

    Here's the question: If I delete a previous import that I had done as a "move" import, will those photos go BACK to the folders they were in on my external hard drive? That's what I NEED them to do. Here's the story: I should have hit "add to catalog." Instead, I did "move." Now I have...
  12. Jonathan Clulow

    Syncing Classic with CC. My solution.

    Hi all, What I am trying to achieve here is the ability to have my entire library locally configured in Classic with access to everything via CC. This is how I have achieved this so far; Images are imported into a folder structure. This is the structure; Camera; Canon 5D Mark II/ Canon 5D...
  13. P

    Can't drag photos to a folder

    I use LR for product photos. When an item sells from store, I USED to be able to drag those images into a folder labelled "SOLD." As of the last couple months, when I attempt this I get an error that says the images can't be moved because they "already exist at the destination." How can I get...
  14. W


    ok, so I am very new to this. I have just put 14000 photos on lightroom going back to 2005. They are a real mix of things, and I intend to bin huge amounts of them and put them into folders. At the moment, there is just an "all photographs" .There are no folders at all. And the last thing I want...
  15. oleleclos

    Counter in "Folders" window not updating

    Hi everyone; I’m new here, so please forgive if this has been discussed ad nauseam, but I can’t find anything about it. I keep my photos organised in two main folders: one for my old iPhoto library and one for anything newer (each folder is further sub-divided on dates). My question is about...
  16. J

    Accidentally removed all folders in a catalog!

    Hi -- I'm new to Lightroom and having a great time setting up my catalog. I imported photos from iPhoto and have set up a folder structure based on years. I've got about 18,000 images. Unfortunately, after getting all the folders organized, I accidentally REMOVED the main folder (I had called...
  17. R

    iPhoto Events

    I am currently mourning the news that iPhoto will be no more. I love the ease of it. I love the batching capabilities and I love the way I can quickly scroll up and down my Events screen without having to go in and out of folders. I can easily see the images (key photo) on each folder and...
  18. S

    I want a better understanding of organization, use of folders and metadata in LR

    Organization is important to me. I have discovered how difficult it is to clean up a mess on a hard drive. Actually still working on that. I have tens of thousands of photos. Most without metadata. So I am working bit by bit on that. Made a mess pretty quickly on my first attempt at...
  19. C

    Problem creating a new folder

    Hello I'm new to this forum and hoping someone can help me with a recent issue. I'm trying to import some photos to Lightroom and I would normally just select to import to Other Destination, then add a new folder, select that folder and all is well. Now when I click the New Folder button in the...
  20. P

    File Folders and Subfolders

    I am a MAC OS X El Capitan and LRCC 2015 user. I have some images with what appears be be 'odd' directory/folder/subfolder behaviour. In LR my images all show as being listed in their respective main folders and sub-folders; for example I have a set of images displayed in LR as being lodged on...
  21. O

    Starting the library over again in LR5

    Hi, I've got my photos into a bit of a mess and unorganised and having read guidance from experts such as yourself Victoria; I want to start over fresh. I haven't done much editing of any of the photos already in the library. What is the best away to reorganize and rename the folders without...
  22. Eightysevens

    Prevent Import Highlight of Sub Folders [SOLVED]

    At import, how can I get LR6 to recognise only the images of the selected folder I desire imported, & not the potentially hundreds of images in subfolders of that folder, which I am currently having to go through & de-select everytime I import? This is very time consuming.

    Graduated Filter, Radial Filter and Brush Presets

    I found some free presets for the Adjustment brush, Radial Filter and Graduated Filter. Should these presets be placed in the Develop Presets folder or the Local Adjustments folder?
  24. F

    Import Destination Folder Confusion

    I'm starting to import new images to my Lightroom CS6 (non-cloud) catalog. I've set everything up according to a method and organization I've used in CS3, the last version I worked with. How I've done it: On an external harddrive I've got my 'Photography' folder with everything relating to...