1. B

    previews in 2 different folders?

    Hi there, I just figured out, LR (12.1) is storing the previews in 2 different folders (Win 11). One is: User-Me-AppData-Roaming-Adobe-Lightroom (right now 14,3 Gb) Second is: User-Me-Pictures-Lightroom (right now 41,1 Gb) I know, I should delete the previews when the folder gets too big. But I...
  2. N

    Syncing files from Cloud to LRC: what happens to dups?

    Hi--I have almost 2000 images from 2 different cell phones--camera roll (work cellphone) and android gallery (home phone) that I have added to LR mobile on my ipad. I would like to get the photos into LRC. Most of them are already in my catalog, but in a very haphazard way and I want to make...
  3. C

    Library module Split NAS library? Help!

    The problem: I'm trying (and failing) to figure out why Ligthroom seems to be arbitrarily splitting my library into two separate folders, even though everything is in the same working directory. I want everything under a single folder in Lightroom (Library Module)! Example: In the attached...
  4. D

    Folder count incorrect?

    There are no images in the my pictures folder on the C drive but the count is still on 81, see attachment. There are no subfolders. Anyone an explanation?
  5. Sparkysnapper

    Folder could not be renamed or moved

    Evening all, I have been working on a particular folder which will not rename. All other folders seem ok. I am allowed to create a Collection and name it, but cannot rename the actual folder? The folder properties are identical to any other folder. The only difference is that I have tried a...
  6. hsawires

    How to export a partial catalog for some selected images/ collections from a PC to another?

    Hi, I need to know how to export a catalog for some selected images and/or folders or collections to be copied with its all adjustment and keywords, and import it into another catalog. let's say I have some photos on my laptop and I did some adjustment and keywords to some of my images. now I...
  7. Sashina

    Moving photos from Mobile 'Imported Photos': Creating new date folders in catalog

    Greetings! When importing images from an SD card or similar source, I'm fine with how Lightroom creates appropriate dated folders at time of import. That's all working smoothly for me. But when I import from Mobile (ie moving photos from my 'Samsung XXX' / Imported Photos' folder (photos taken...
  8. NJHeart2Heart

    Troubleshooting Smart Collection

    I initially created a smart collection as follows: Folder > Contains All > DDG_Photographs + Size > Less Than > .4 MP Where DDG_Photographs is the parent folder of (almost) my entire collection, including my scans folders. The smart collection is NOT pulling out images contained in a subfolder...
  9. snapper

    Export using (s)ftp but retain folder tree structure

    I've changed my e-commerce site, and I need to change my upload workflow. For export, I used to use LR/treexporter, and a third party program. Now I need to be able to (s)ftp the files myself. Of course this then becomes a long winded process, and I'd like to be able to export and ftp at the...
  10. mantra

    is there a way to change temp folder destination?

    Hi i have a ssd and i use only for scratch disk is there a way to change lightroom 6.9cc (2015.9) temp folder? thanks
  11. G

    Drag to move photos not working

    Currently I seem to be unable to select and drag photos into folders – part of my normal organisation process. Sometimes when I try to drag them they rotate instead (I can undo that at least), but more typically I just end up with one photo selected instead of the whole bunch and I cannot even...
  12. F

    HTML-Gallery: Keep folder structure

    Hi everybody, I would like to publish my fotos in a simple HTML-Gallery and keep my lightroom hierarchical folder structure. A folder can contain pictures and subfolders therefore lots of services like koken, wordpress,... don't work. With theese services an albumset (folder) may contain albums...
  13. B

    Reorganise existing images into date-based folders

    Hi, When I import into lightroom, I use the option to create folders for YYYY then MM then DD to store the image files. I have started testing lightroom mobile as a way to get images taken on my phone into my catalogue. However, I notice that the images, when downloaded to my computer, are...
  14. W

    Is it possible to move the file location for Lightroom Previews?

    My automatic backup software wastes time and space backing up Lightroom Previews which I do not want to back up. What would work best would be to move the Previews and Smart Previews folders to a completely different location on my hard drive and then not include that in my backup. My...
  15. snapper

    automated copy folder tree to collection tree

    I have a requirement to be able to copy a folder tree to a collection tree. I know you can drag a folder to create a collection, but it doesn't recognise the subfolders in the folder. I'm looking to move my website to one based on Photodeck - and they have a nice publish plugin - but you have...