folder structure

  1. SusanWolak

    Dated Folders not consistent in one place?

    I'm in the process of trying to gather and dedupe old catalogs and old iPhoto exports into one 'everything' LR catalog. When I created a new catalog and imported an old one, I ended up with a folder organization like the image shown. What is the best method to get them to be chronological by...
  2. S

    Library module Folder mismatch between computers

    Good morning all. I run Lightroom on two computers, an iMac in the office and a Macbook Air for field trips. Here is my issue: I loaded and processed a set of images on the iMac, synced the image files and the lr files to Dropbox, shut that machine down then went on a field trip. I didn't...
  3. V

    Merging folders?

    Hi, This is my current folder structure. I would like to 'merge' the last three 2010 sub-folders into ONE. So, one folder with (23+4+2) pictures in total. Does anyone know the trick? Best Regards, Joost
  4. frostbytes

    Moving files?

    Because of ongoing problems with Lightroom's folder view (hello Adobe?) I've decided to reorganize the physical folder structure for my hundreds of thousands of photos. My current folder structure looks like this: YYYY-MM-DD Shoot Name x many shoots I'll be reorganizing to this format...
  5. rclanger

    Sync For the 1st time

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR Classic I am just getting started. To recap I was able to install LR Classic on my desktop, converted my catalog, and made sure I could go from start to finish using my current workflow. Everything was great...
  6. K

    How to export a catalog and keep the folder structure?

    Operating System:Windows 7 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 5.3 I m trying to export a catalog with selected folder, for external edits. In the library module, I highlighted a few folders, went to file->export as catalog, chose 'build/include smart previews', and save. The...