folder maintenance

  1. DocDJ

    determining if JPG is actual image or produced by PS

    I have 30 thousand images. I want top do some cleanup. Some are from the camera as JPG, some as NEF, some as both. I want to delete ONLY those JPG images that were produced from a NEF file (not modified originals) AND which do have a matching NEF file (same file name). In other words, if a jpg...
  2. Brent Harsh

    Can LR Classic automatically re-distribute already-imported images to date-based folders?

    I've used LR since V2, and have 180,000 images in my catalog. All of these are sorted into folder structure created by LR (ie MasterPhotos/2021/2021-01-01) *except* for about 1000 images which were imported from 12/28/2018 to 4/18/2019 using LR Mobile sync. I didn't realize that Sync wouldn't...
  3. R

    Lr 4.4 Mess. Won't Start. Won't Import. Please Help

    I tried importing 2000+ cell phone images from a folder into the same location. The thumbnails only show for the first 50 or so then stop at the first video file. After that, they are all solid grey--NOT DIMMED thumbs. They exist in the folder but are not imported and are not in another...