1. g2iSite

    how to upload lightroom classic collections to Flickr

    I want to be able to create collections in LrC, and then effectively drag that collection into the Flickr publish service, rather than having to create a duplicate collection in the Flickr publish collection. is this possible? thanks!
  2. B

    Flickr Publishing Service error on new PC

    I found this thread and have exactly the same problem: It worked fine for years on my old Win 10 PC, but I'm now on a new PC with Win 11, LrC 12.1. I've tried all 4 steps in the Adobe link...
  3. Beebee

    How to import and export directly from/to MacBook Air's "Photos" editing software?

    Hi all, Is it possible to import/export directly from cloud based LR into my Macbook Air Photos software as well as to my flickr account? TIA for your help!
  4. Sashina

    Installing Adobe Stock and Flickr publish to new catalogue

    I recently (with the 'help' of Adobe) had to re-create my catalogue to fix a syncing issue. Syncing is working fine now, however... The Adobe help person did not bother checking that I had both Adobe Stock (contributor) and Flickr publish services connected. I now wish to resume using these...
  5. S

    problem reassociating photos on Flickr with Jeffery Friedl's export plugin

    For complicated reasons (involving a fritzed Mac and LR catalog corruption issue I and Adobe couldn't fix) I reimported my entire LR Classic photo archive into a new catalog. This got rid of my corruption issue successfully, but it messed up the link between 10,000 or so photos at Flickr and...
  6. RobertClayson

    Setting Up a Publishing Service to Flickr.

    I am trying to set up the Publishing Service to Flickr. The Plug -in Manager shows that Flickr is installed and running and that the plug-in is enabled. I then go into the Publishing Manager to Authorise my account. I click on "Authorize", I then get the dialogue box saying"Lightroom needs...
  7. C

    Photostream and album

    Operating System: Win 10 64 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 7.1 [1148620] In Publish Services (Flickr), what is the purpose/use of Photostream that is inserted by default? I understand that I can add images directly to the Photostream, and Flickr will then show them...
  8. R

    Publish Services WaterMark not getting displayed when Publishing to Facebook and Flickr from LR 6.0

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR 6.0 Hi, Is anyone facing this issue as me? Whenever I publish photos to Facebook and Flickr from Lightroom 6.0, even though I have water mark selected, watermark does not appear in Facebook or Flickr. This was...
  9. E

    Publish Services Flickr reupload failing

    Operating System: MacOS High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 6.12 I recently upgraded to Lightroom 6.12 (From 5.7), and I updated some settings for my Flickr publish service. It asked if I wanted to mark all photos to republish, so I said yes. When I click publish, it...
  10. G

    Geotagging data gets lost...

    I'm a reasonably experienced Lightroom user and I've recently started geotagging my photos using track logs generated by Geotag Photos Pro, but when I upload the edited photos to Flickr (for instance) the geotagging data has disappeared. I've tried geotagging my photos in Lightroom and also...
  11. Nivin37

    Publish to Flickr & use Metadata Preset

    Hi All, First post... I am into film as well & after home developing I "scan" my B&W negs using my Canon 60D tethered to Lightroom for quick & easy import. This workflow all works very well & not only do I get to shoot film again I also able to share what I shoot. To my question. I have...
  12. J

    Publishing to Flickr

    Until recently, I was able to post to my Flickr account directly from LightRoom which was very convenient. However, after experiencing problems with both Windows 10 and Carbonite and having work done on the lap top to correct them, I am no longer able to use this feature. I am able to select...
  13. M

    Freeze after publish in LR CC 6.6 (2015.6)

    Publish works perfectly, and completes normally. But then LR freezes (spinning blue circle cursor) about 5 sec. later. 100% repeatable. Never a crash; only a freeze. (Therefore no crash log.) Other than this, LR works perfectly for me, with no crashes or freezes. Tried it with 4 different...
  14. J

    "Can't update this collection"

    I'm exporting photos to Flickr, and rather suddenly I'm often getting the message from Lightroom "Can't update this collection". The photo then appears in Flickr, but it's still in the "New Photos to Publish" in Lightroom. This is a problem because if I later modify the photo and repost to...
  15. K

    Dropbox sync error with Flickr publishing

    Hi, I use LR on several different computers in different locations and always stored photos and catalogs on an external HD so that I can use from the different locations. I recently tried follow the configuration for syncing settings and plugins using Dropbox. Generally I found it works well...
  16. F

    Export to Flickr Lightroom Plugin

    Hi, I have been looking at Jeffrey's Export to Flickr plugin. I have approx 20000 pictures at Flickr, but I would like to manage syncing/publishing and local copies using LR. However, for some reason I cant get the plugin to recognize all uploaded photos and match them with the local originals...