1. Paul_DS256

    Apply Metadata Changes to Stacked Images

    A reoccurring challenge I have is to assign a flag or rating to all images in a stack. Sometimes I don't know until I've completed the pano or HDR what my decision is. A quick Google suggests is to unstack the images, apply the changes, then restack. I could also not find any plugins that would...
  2. alec.dann-verizon

    Best workflow for rating and rejecting photos in Lightroom cloud

    I'm working with a student who wants to use his iPad to store and cull his photos using Lightroom (the cloud version) while traveling. The issue I'm having is setting up a good post-import workflow to review, reject and rate photos. In the desktop version of Lightroom cloud, the flags...
  3. Paul_DS256

    Flag + HDR + Stack

    I'm looking to see what I'm missing or how I could improve HDR processing. At the moment, I flag all the images I want to work on. For HDR images, I add the suffix -A,-B and -C to the filename of the 'A' image. I have a Nikon D5300 so only bracket 3 automatically. I then select the 3 images...
  4. Robert Hill

    Flagging Multiple Photos

    I have a need to flag several hundred photos by selecting the range and flagging. I tried to select the range and click 'P' but that only selected the first highlighted photo. How can I select my hundreds of photos and flag them all at the same time? Thanks
  5. Nick Reader

    Assign different colour flags to the same photo that appears in multiple collections.

    I have a gallery. I would like to use Lightroom collections to keep an eye on my stock levels, So create 3 collections for the different print sizes i have. The same images appear in all 3 collections. Then i would like to mark the images i have stock of with a say red flag. But when i mark an...