1. M

    Mac: After update to Monterey 12.4, photo data no longer shows in Finder

    Using LrC 11.3.1. Before 12.4, in Finder with Column or Gallery view you would see key information about an image e.g. filename, size, colour space and colour profile, dimensions, content create date, create date and modified date and camera . This is so annoying. This was so useful...
  2. guido.coza

    recover adjustments in outside LR moved files

    Hi Guys and Girls I did a bit of a boo boo. I copied picture folders outside lightroom onto a external HD. What is the best way of not loosing all the edits of the pic.? Undo and redo everything via LR (some pics however are on Laptop, some desktop some exHD) would be a mission! All pictures...
  3. Kirby Krieger

    Tag in Finder, Import and show Tags?

    Hi. Is there a recommended workflow for marking (tagging, labeling, rating, ... changing the file name) files in Finder (Mac) prior to importing into Lightroom so that the marked files are easily found? Finder color labels are not recognized by Lightroom. (They were recognized by Aperture...