1. S

    New filter sliders set to 0 value as default ?

    Hello, Is there a way to set up Lightroom so that each time I open a new filter (radial, graduated or paintbrush) all sliders values are set to 0 ? I.e. skipping the double click on "Effect" each time I open a new filter. Thanks !
  2. Paul_DS256

    Find Stacks

    I've looked here and on the net. I've seen some plugins that partly get there BUT .. I'm trying to do some metadata cleanup. What I would like to do is find all Stacked pictures so I can check each of the pictures in the stack for consistency. Can this be done? Thanks
  3. Brent Harsh

    Any way to filter on white balance setting?

    I'm probably strange but I want to apply a metadata filter from the grid view to limit the selection to those images with White Balance of "As Shot" - any way? Reason: I've started editing a batch of files, and realized that while my Nikon's auto WB usually does great, on this particular day...
  4. Fernando M. I. Carreiro

    Transforms are not correctly applied to Local Adjustments and Filters!

    I’ve discovered some major flaws in Adobe’s implementation of Local Adjustments and Filters (Graduated and Radial) and how they respond to Transforms (and Lens Corrections). I did not test Spot Removal, but they too most probably also suffer similar problems. When applying Transforms, using...
  5. C

    Library filter question

    I have a pictures of an old family house. Using Photoshop I made four artistic versions of each, using a sketch filter. The original image was then named A91 - 164, and the sketches A91 - 164 - Sketch 1 etc. The keyword "Sketch" was also added to the sketches but not the original. I then...
  6. Jay Clulow

    Filter restricted to 10k?

    Hello, I’ve encountered an issue where if you filter by camera and you have over 10,000 images the filter will only display 10k. Does anyone know why this is and can it be changed ?
  7. D

    Lightroom graduated filter

    This is not a problem for me…but I have wondered why the graduated filter tool (and the radial filter) do not allow adjustment of temp. settings in Kelvin instead of just blue to yellow etc. as if the image is not a raw file? Des C
  8. Kkelleyinmi

    Importing from Olympus EM-1

    I am importing both Raw and JPG files to Lightroom 6 from my Olympus EM-1. This Olympus has many "Art" filters that are applied to the JPG files. However, when I import them to LR, I cannot see the effects and don't know how to find the JPG to view them. There must be a setting somewhere that...