1. bill.fischer5

    How do I clear all my filters? I can not select the total number pf photographs in my catalogue.

    the screen shot below shows that I have "Filter off". I have chosen "All Photographs". There are 106274 photos in the catalogue. The bottom line says. "All photographs 106269 of 106274 Photos / 1 selected". My question is what about the 5 photos not counted? When I choose Command A only...
  2. V

    Library module How to search "Original Filename"?

    As Lightroom Classic can save the Original Filename of every photo, but I can't find a way to search them in Library Filter. It's useful when a photo retoucher discuss with the photographer to find out a specific photo.
  3. bill.fischer5

    Library module How do I filter fo all cropped images in LRC

    I just did this last week and know I can not find How I did it.
  4. Paul_DS256

    Find Photos by Comparing Metadata Fields

    Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere. Somehow, I've lost some collections I used to make Web pages. I have keywords that would allow me to partially find them but those that full qualify are those where the TITLE is different than the CAPTION. When I initially load photos, I assign the...
  5. S

    filter by size for import?

    Is it possible to have LRC only import files over a certain size? I have a backup of lots of lost pictures on an old HDD but of course there are literally hundreds of thousands of little scraps of GIF JPG and PNG on the drive. What I'd like to do is cut back the task by only importing RAW, TIFF...
  6. Laura Smith

    Negative filters/searches: showing "not Synced and Backed Up"

    I'm trying to display all the photos that don't have full size originals in the cloud (originated from Classic), so I can reimport them in Lr Cloud. The "Synced and Backed Up" filter shows "(676 filtered)" so I want to invert the filter to show which photos aren't fully synced. There's no...
  7. S

    filter virtual copies and its master.

    Hi, Is there a way to filter virtual copies along with their masters ? After editing a bunch of pictures I flag the keepers and usually filter and delete the unflagged ones. Sometimes I forget to flag the master as well as the virtual copy so I have to be very careful not to delete the...
  8. jemostrom

    Finding photos that are not in an album?

    I’ve been trying to find a way to find photos that are not in an album but I must be missing something. How can I do this?
  9. B

    Develop module Relative Positioning and/or Crop with Graduated Filter Presets?

  10. koribrus

    Lightroom filter presets, accurate?

    Operating System: windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic CC I fear this might sound ignorant, but is there a better set of b&w filter presets than the stock ones that come from lightroom? My experience is they do not render a given image correctly...
  11. Win

    Filters & an African Safari

    I am going on a trip to Africa later this month which will include a 4-day safari (super excited!). I looked into renting a super-zoom lens and have almost decided to purchase the Tamron 150-600 G2 lens as my work will provide me with similar opportunities in the future so buying makes more...
  12. O

    Is there a way to search videos by their duration?

    Hi, I am new to Lightroom. I just made the move from Aperture. I am wondering wether there is a way to search videos by their duration. I'd like to get rid of all my videos that are 3 seconds or shorter. I could do that in Aperture via a smart album, but in Lightroom I can't seem to find a way...
  13. lbeck

    Need to optimize messed up library

    Bottom line - is there a way to filter a smart collection for the missing files marker? I've known for some time that my library is fraught with too many duplicates. I didn't know how many until I ran duplicate finder plugin and find that I have about 20K dups! This is the result of importing...
  14. Samoreen

    Any filtering plugin able to use metadata fields ignored by LR ?

    Hi, Assuming I'd like to setup a filter based on the LensID or LensIDNumber fields, LR cannot help. It merely ignores these fields (and others). Is there any plugin that is able to do that ? I tried AnyFilter but that doesn't work for these fields. Thanks in advance. PS : I have found a...
  15. mikecox

    Image count: 615 of 918, can't find the missing 261

    Never mind! I figured it out, I had collapsed stacks. As soon as I cleared them all the images appeared! In Explorer, there are 918 images in the folder. In Lr Library that's the number that displays next to the folder count. However, when I select all the image in the Library folder the...
  16. T

    Anyone would know how to replicate this preset on lightroom?

    @klemenswhite • Instagram photos and videos I stumbled on this instagram profile and really liked the style of it, was wondering if anyone know how to achieve such images. He said that he uses a custom lightroom filter made by him. Thanks!
  17. P


    HI, I am changing from a PC to a Mac and just loaded LR4 on my Mac. The color sort filters are not showing in the filter area, nor is there an option for a color filter in the filter drop down menu. I am able to give an image a filter color, a star, and a pick and an x, but am unable to sort...