filter by metadata

  1. S

    Text Filtering

    Hi All, I am working on improving my metadata. I hoped to find a way to filter out all pictures that would "not contain" a title or caption text for instance. But I haven't found the way to do it if any as the filters are not offering an option such as "show if empty". Is there a way to show...
  2. L

    Library module How to filter photos which are part of a stack, but not on top of a stack?

    Hi LightRoom experts. (Sorry for the meaningless username, but I'm new here and cannot change the name before next month.) For use in other tools I want to add to a photo's keywords if the photo is part of a stack, but not on top of a stack. For this the best would be to create a filter...
  3. Paul_DS256

    Search by "Metadata Date"

    I want to go back to a photo I was working on yesterday. I'd hopped around the catalog since then and was looking for a simple way to get back to it. Something like 'Recent Items' in Windows 10. I found the photo manually then looked in the metadata panel. The 'Metadata Date' showed the last...
  4. D

    Library module Location metada data filters still show/use last non blank value entered after being deleted

    I don't know if anybody has experienced this. It happened recently (I am not using v10.1 upgraded 9 days ago - but it may predate this upgrade). If you delete an entry for all photos in your catalogue which have a specific value in a field - for instance if I entered by mistake "New York" in...
  5. Paul_DS256

    Find Photos by Comparing Metadata Fields

    Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere. Somehow, I've lost some collections I used to make Web pages. I have keywords that would allow me to partially find them but those that full qualify are those where the TITLE is different than the CAPTION. When I initially load photos, I assign the...