1. S

    Lightroom Running Away

    I use lightroom to separate keepers from those to delete by scrolling through the filmstrip and hitting the X key to mark those to delete and the forward arrow key to skip to the next photo. Occasionally, as I am doing this LR suddenly starts moving through the remainder of the photos on the...
  2. A

    Sees my files but everything grey

    Hi, I just moved a relatively large number of files (within lightroom) from my internal hd to an external hd. The move seems to have gone fine. I can see that in lightroom that the files are all there, but everything is basically staying grey. If I click on a thumbnail in the film strip and...
  3. M

    Filmstrip Error

    The top portion of my filmstrip disappeared the other day and I can't quite figure out how to get it back. The double-arrow utility is not an option. I shut down my computer. I turned off the software. I turned my Mac back on. I restarted Lightroom. I went into Panel (show and hide...
  4. jjlad

    LR not seeming to know where I'm at

    Hi there, Just wondering why Grid View, I am on one photo in the film strip and often a completely different photo is highlighted in the grid itself. Shouldn't they be synchronized? Even in Loupe View ...I can be on a specific photo in the film strip and be looking at a blank in Loupe with...