film strip

  1. S

    LrC 10.1 Mac: navigating in film strip not sync'ed to grid (and vice versa)

    Hey all, I haven't done LR work for a couple of months, but I did install the updates from time to time. I'm on 10.1 now (Mac) and today I wanted to do some library work. I encountered a weird issue while browsing some folders. The issue: Normally, when I select a photo in the film strip, that...
  2. Skippermark

    Auto Advance When Keywording Photos

    Hi. Is there a keyboard shortcut to auto advance to the next photo in the "film strip" at the bottom? I keyword all my photos after editing and after keywording one of them, I don't like having to move the mouse to click on the next photo I want to keyword. If there was a keyboard shortcut so I...