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    Running out of disc space: is there a problem with huge number of files and folders that LR is creating?

    I am a 'weekend amateur' and have been using LR Classic for about 4 or 5 years. I shoot using jpg with typical file size of 15Mb. On my laptop in folder named 'Pictures' I keep the original image files (56,600 pictures total size approx 106Gb) - so far, so good - this is as expected. In the...
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    Import CRAW Files doubling on conversion to DNG

    I have started using CRAW on my Canon EOS R5 but was surprised to see file sizes around 45mb in Lightroom (i.e. similar to raw files). I took two identical photos, one craw and the other raw. On the memory card they are 18.1mb and 43mb respectively but in Lightroom after conversion to DNG they...
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    Suddenly my DNG files are double their size in LR 6

    Usually my DNG files take or took up around 25 - 30 Mb per shot. Now i discovered that since lately they are all around 50 Mb in size. I think I clicked on the import dialog somewhere wrongly (?) where I was asked to keep original Raw files inside the DNG or not. But for the life of me, I...
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    File Size

    Operating System:High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):LR Classic CC Where do you get the dimensions of the file size of an image? I have an image that is: Image Size: 109MB Document Size: 307MB File Size: 1.02GB (from the metadata in LR but it does not show the edge...
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    JPEG Compression to under 200k

    Hi All, I have a client that needs their Jpegs compressed to under 200k. The smallest I can get the files down to from Lightroom is about 2mb. That is with a dpi setting of around 72 and a quality setting of 10. The raw files are around 80mb each. It seems I can not compress them enough from...