file names

  1. V

    Library module How to search "Original Filename"?

    As Lightroom Classic can save the Original Filename of every photo, but I can't find a way to search them in Library Filter. It's useful when a photo retoucher discuss with the photographer to find out a specific photo.
  2. hbwilliams22

    What field is best to use when giving context to an image?

    "File Name" "Title" "Keywords" These are fields that seem to make the most sense. In the past, I used "File Name" to title an image in order to make it searchable. I would use a structure like 2019-08-24 atlanta ga katherine birthday.jpg. As you could imagine, this started to get very tedious...
  3. J

    Import folder naming duplication with NAS

    This has been driving me mad for a while... My images are stored on a NAS. New images are either imported from a memory card reader (copied to NAS) , or via drag-and-drop to lightroom (add to catalogue withought moving/copying) of new folders that I place in the same NAS folder structure. I...
  4. Naomi Epstein

    Lightroom Backup Not Loading

    I had all my files on a external hardrive that I was working off of. I even backed up to the same drive. I know not to smart - because I dropped my drive and had it shipped out to get repaired. All of the files seem to be on this new drive that they replaced. However, when I open up lightroom...
  5. B

    Moving an image to a directory where a file of the same name exists.

    Lightroom CC, Moving an image to a directory that has a file of the same name generates an error that the file already exists. The error offers a "save as box" like most well behaved file managers except it does not allow the user to change the file type from .TXT to any other file type. I am...
  6. B

    File Name strangeness from Lightroom mobile and iPhone

    This evening I took some golden hour shots with my iPhone SE. I had Lightroom Mobile on the phone so I imported from the camera roll to LR Mobile. Later my home PC Lightroom CC imported the photos by wifi into the preferences folder on my hard disk. I connected the iPhone with the lightening...