file handling

  1. mlondon

    File Management advice needed

    Hi, I'm finally getting around to moving my old Aperture library (~150,000 images) into Lightroom Classic and need a bit of advice regarding file management. Here is my scenario: - All of my images (from my current LR catalog and my Aperture library) were in a PHOTO_MASTERS folder - Over 15...
  2. S

    Can you move XMP files

    I import my RAW images into LR using COPY, they go into a 1TB SSD and remain there till either I need to move them due to space or I'm finished editing. When I move them to an external drive where do the XMP files go? O r maybe a better question is where are the XMP files stored on import...
  3. R

    Export Can I delete my Images Edited in Lightroom Classic?

    I transferred my entire library of images on my laptop to Lightroom (cloud-based) as I subscribe to Adobe's 1 TB Photography plan, and I am getting a new laptop, so I didn't know of a better place to put them. Should I delete these now, or transfer them to an external hard disk drive? I know...
  4. G

    Creating disk space

    My first post... Hello, struggling to find some disk space. I use Apple Macs. My LR files are organised by month within years. I use multiple cameras as well as smartphone. Over 90% of the time I import both the RAW files (different file extensions) as well as the ‘matching’ JPGs. Given the many...
  5. A

    Cleaning up LR files... does date modified matter?

    I am eyeing a couple of multi-gigabyte files to delete to free up some space. Is it safe? 1. Sync.lrdata 4.4 Gb Under /Users/Alex/Library/Caches/Adobe/Lightroom/Sync Data Last modified Nov 6, 2019 (4 months ago) Last opened Nov 6, 2019 I would not want to have to resync my whole...
  6. M

    "Copy New Photos To A New Location And Import" option not available in LR

    I am using LR Classic 9.0 release Camera Raw 12 on MacOS Mojave Version 10.14.6. When I go to Import from Another Catalogue, under File Handling I am not seeing the option "Copy New Photos To A new Location and Import". The other two, "Add New Photos to Catalogue Without Moving Imports" and...