face recognition

  1. W

    Lightroom Classic - Face Recognition Getting Significantly Worse?

    This is in reference to Lightroom Classic version 11.4.1 on an Intel Mac running Monterey 12.5 but applies to previous versions of Lightroom Classic as well. My memory will not be able to provide dates and versions but I remember eagerly waiting for face recognition in Lightroom Classic and...
  2. J

    Tagging Wrong Face on Face Recognition

    Hi! This is a nice forum sharing insights on Lightroom. Currently I am tagging some students but on some cases, I accidentally "tag" students. Example, for two students named Jack and Jill I accidentally tagged Jill to Jack. (On Jack people view, Jill is included) My process was.. Select Jill...
  3. Oliver Vornberger

    How to confirm Lightrooms suggestions for detected faces ?

    I am using Lightroom classic for years and I am very happy with the face recognition feature. I.e., after importing new pictures, for each person in a picture Lightroom draws a rectangle around the face and suggests the name of this person, together with a question mark. Left to the name you...
  4. I

    How do I tell Lightroom not to recognise faces in an image?

    I am trying to embrace Face Recognition and so far it is working ok for me. I have a number of images of groups where I might only want to add the faces of two or three people, I know I can clink individually into the other 20 and click the cross to remove the face recognition suggestion, but...
  5. I

    Library module Face Recognition and Keywords - In a pickle

    I have got into a bit of a pickle with peoples names and keywords. I have read elsewhere of Lightroom 'hijacking' a keyword to use it as a People keyword. In the people module I have 2052 images identified as my son. The keyword of my sons name has 2137 identified images. I have found that I...
  6. B

    Face detectiion

    It suddenly started and won't stop. I checked catalog setting and face detection is turned OFF. It keeps running and when it stops to display faces, it move me from photos I'm viewing to another location in the film strip and I have to keep searching for the photo I was looking at in Library. It...
  7. R

    Face recognition & labelling

    I shoot a lot of events where I photograph happenings and portraits of people I happen across along the way. I might end up with say 2500 images and I want to identify all images with faces in them to create a Smart Collection. So I selected the master Collection Set and did the Face...
  8. guido.coza


    Hello All I recently had to redo my intire catalog as just before I could do my weekly backup my exHD packed up.. A bit of a bad 2 month as I lost 3 HD since Dec2018. After I "pointed" LR to the new hd and merged what was on the latest backup with the new one LR serched for 12H strait for faces...
  9. E

    Face recognition fails - face region is wrong

    Operating System: OSX 10.12.6 Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR classic cc 7.1 LR did not detect faces in many of my pictures. Upon checking I found that the face region in these pictures covers the entire photo, and is marked with a ? But there are no entries in the...
  10. NJohnston

    LR face recognition - one person

    Hey there, I was wondering if there's a way to ask LR to search for only one specific person in my catalogue of tens of thousands. I've seeded it by identifying the person a few times, but the problem is I have over 300,000 photographs of mostly events (read: many faces in each photograph), so...
  11. LtFDrebbin

    Using AI to automatically keyword or tag photos

    Although I have a perpetual LR license, my question is not specific to that. I'm looking for technology to help me accomplish my goals. Stick with me for a minute. I don't do a ton of editing. I use LR more as a way to catalog, organize and tag my photos. It takes a ton of time, but when I...
  12. RalphS

    Face detection not exported?

    Is face detection exported with a catalogue? I exported my LR catalogue to a new computer. But when I select the People icon in the Library grid view on the new computer, the Welcome to People View window appears asking if I want to start finding faces.
  13. les_stockton

    Multiple Catalogs and People Recognition

    I currently use just one catalog in Lightroom, and it has photos from several years of work. For performance, I thought maybe it would be good to start a new catalog each year or two, but I'm afraid if I do that, I would lose the benefit of the people recognition feature, that I've managed to...
  14. B

    How to sort your faces/persons from left to right?

    I like the face recognition and ability to tag faces/persons in LR. What I don't like is that the names are added to the keywords sorted alphabetically. I guess there is no way to sort keywords differently? What I would really like is to get them added as Caption/Description, sorted from left to...
  15. strathglass

    How to correct faces assignments?

    When I look in the People view and look at all the CONFIRMED faces for a particular person, I see some errors that need correction. But I am not able to figure out how to make the correction in this view. Can anyone advise how to correct these erroneous assignments?
  16. R

    LR 6 - Face Recognition Confirmed/Similar Faces

    I am new to LR and this is my first LR post... I have sorted several photos using the facial recognition feature, however... how do I remove photos from the "Confirmed" window if they are not correct? Also, is it possible to remove photos from the "Similar" windows underneath the "Confirmed"...