face recognition

  1. R

    Face recognition & labelling

    I shoot a lot of events where I photograph happenings and portraits of people I happen across along the way. I might end up with say 2500 images and I want to identify all images with faces in them to create a Smart Collection. So I selected the master Collection Set and did the Face...
  2. guido.coza


    Hello All I recently had to redo my intire catalog as just before I could do my weekly backup my exHD packed up.. A bit of a bad 2 month as I lost 3 HD since Dec2018. After I "pointed" LR to the new hd and merged what was on the latest backup with the new one LR serched for 12H strait for faces...
  3. E

    Face recognition fails - face region is wrong

    Operating System: OSX 10.12.6 Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR classic cc 7.1 LR did not detect faces in many of my pictures. Upon checking I found that the face region in these pictures covers the entire photo, and is marked with a ? But there are no entries in the...
  4. NateDawgG

    LR face recognition - one person

    Hey there, I was wondering if there's a way to ask LR to search for only one specific person in my catalogue of tens of thousands. I've seeded it by identifying the person a few times, but the problem is I have over 300,000 photographs of mostly events (read: many faces in each photograph), so...
  5. LtFDrebbin

    Using AI to automatically keyword or tag photos

    Although I have a perpetual LR license, my question is not specific to that. I'm looking for technology to help me accomplish my goals. Stick with me for a minute. I don't do a ton of editing. I use LR more as a way to catalog, organize and tag my photos. It takes a ton of time, but when I...
  6. RalphS

    Face detection not exported?

    Is face detection exported with a catalogue? I exported my LR catalogue to a new computer. But when I select the People icon in the Library grid view on the new computer, the Welcome to People View window appears asking if I want to start finding faces.
  7. les_stockton

    Multiple Catalogs and People Recognition

    I currently use just one catalog in Lightroom, and it has photos from several years of work. For performance, I thought maybe it would be good to start a new catalog each year or two, but I'm afraid if I do that, I would lose the benefit of the people recognition feature, that I've managed to...
  8. B

    How to sort your faces/persons from left to right?

    I like the face recognition and ability to tag faces/persons in LR. What I don't like is that the names are added to the keywords sorted alphabetically. I guess there is no way to sort keywords differently? What I would really like is to get them added as Caption/Description, sorted from left to...
  9. strathglass

    How to correct faces assignments?

    When I look in the People view and look at all the CONFIRMED faces for a particular person, I see some errors that need correction. But I am not able to figure out how to make the correction in this view. Can anyone advise how to correct these erroneous assignments?
  10. R

    LR 6 - Face Recognition Confirmed/Similar Faces

    I am new to LR and this is my first LR post... I have sorted several photos using the facial recognition feature, however... how do I remove photos from the "Confirmed" window if they are not correct? Also, is it possible to remove photos from the "Similar" windows underneath the "Confirmed"...