external storage

  1. RSDS1227

    Editing Archived Photos

    Hi all, I am fighting with a situation I could use some input on. I currently have approx 1TB worth of photos on a LaCie 8TB 2Big Dock w/ Thunderbolt 3. I bought this thinking it could store all my photos and I could do all my edits in one place. ISSUE: the darn thing started grinding and died...
  2. D

    Best option for storing image files - internal or external?

    Currently I have all image files on my internal drive but figure that is not a good long-term storage solution. Is it generally preferred to store image files on an external drive, with the catalog on the internal drive? Any particular tips or issues that I should be aware of if I move to this...
  3. Worjam

    Storage Device Recommendations

    I am a photographer with over 100k photos in my main catalogue. Currently I use a Drobo 5D with with 20TB of storage, and yes, I have an off-site copy with CrashPlan. I want to move away from the Drobo brand, their customer service really stinks and although I love the device, the past couple...
  4. J

    Install on new (2nd) computer questions

    1. Program itself: I use LR5 from a disk. Am I better off installing from the disk or migrating from the laptop that I've been using? (Talking Macbook Air and new Mac Mini) 2. Photos: Right now 2015, 2016 are on the laptop, with previous years on external drive. Obviously, the older ones can...