external hard drives

  1. N

    If photos and catalogues are moved within Lightroom Classic, is synchronisation automatic.

    Thanks to Victoria and Paul awhile back, I got my Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC on laptop, Web Lightroom, Mobile Lightroom on ipads and mobiles to synchronise after everything went pear shaped and synchronising had stalled completely after panic attacks on my old 2012 Macbook pro. It took...
  2. L

    Library module Switching External Hard Drives

    Hello. I’m not very catalog savvy and have probably made more than a few organizing mistakes. I’ve been storing my photos on an external hard drive and have them backed up on another external hard drive. My original hard drive is going bad. When I plug my back up drive in, Lightroom does not...
  3. D

    best way to use Lr Classic with catalog and images ALL in the cloud

    Hello All Any advice on the following would be hugely appreciated. I am considering changing my Lightroom set-up so that my pics are in the cloud, but before I go to the effort and expense it would be extremely helpful to get the guidance of people on here. Here's my current set up: I have a...
  4. H

    Lightroom syncing hard drives/ missing photos

    hello all, I’d really like some help on this. I’d like to be able to work with Lightroom on photos that are on a hard drive. I’ve worked and edited them, but would like to be able to access them while I travel without carrying my hard drives around. Is there a way to sync up my external hard...
  5. F

    How to view dng files from a source not in the LR catalogue

    I have several external hard drives. Only one is in LR's catalogue and contains all my older pics, the other HDs also contain full dng copies of my older pics and those still on my laptop, as well as all my current documents, OS, etc on the laptop. I want to take one of these...
  6. Hali MacLaren

    Implementing a new workflow and backup system

    Hi all! I am relatively new to the forum but have been using lightroom since 2012 and I fear I have developed some VERY bad habits! I was taught to work off an external hard drive while in school so my Catalogue was always stored on there rather than my laptop. I tried a few years ago to have a...