external hard drive

  1. allyson

    Moving folder off computer ro external drive with Lightroom?

    Hi. I'm still relatively new to Lightroom but my hard drive is almost full - programs aren't working now. So I need to move some folders of work photos off my laptop and onto an external drive, so I can finish an important photo project for work. I screwed everything up once when I moved photos...
  2. M

    Installation of LR6 on new laptop

    I had to buy a new laptop as the old one packed up. I had LR6 programme on it, but all the photos were on an external Hard Drive. I've been able to install LR6 on the new laptop (via the adobe website). How do I now link lightroom on the new laptop to the photos etc on the external HD? Thank you
  3. R

    store other data on external drive with photos

    I have an external 6 TB drive that I store my photos on. Since my Time Capsule is full, I need more storage for a complete back up of my computer using Time Machine. Is it a bad idea to use the same hard drive as the one where my photos are stored? My instinct tells me not to use it but my...
  4. K

    Sync Using multiple external hard drives with the same photos on Lightroom Classic CC

    Hi ! I have I think now begun to relatively well understand how to manage my files on Lightroom Classic CC. I just have one question to which I do not find the answer. -> How do I make backups of all the pictures on multiple external hard drives ? I understood how to put it on ONE external...
  5. Tom Pula

    Catalogs LR Classic catalogs and storage

    Operating System: OS High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR Classic CC This has likely been answered before, but my question is quite specific. I have decided a single catalog is best for me and it has worked well. I shoot mostly landscape on a semi-pro basis along...
  6. J

    Need help

    Operating System: macOS High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): CC2015.7 I have my lightroom catalog saved on my Seagate external hard drive. Yesterday I deleted several backups but left the most recent 5. My lightroom will not open up with the recent files now. I keep...
  7. D

    Lightroom doesn't always open

    Operating System: High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):Lightroom Classic CC I mostly use Lightroom on my iMac and my catalog and photos sit on a portable external drive. Sometimes, not always, Lightroom won't open and gives me a message saying: Lightroom cannot open...
  8. B

    Using Lima with LR

    Hello, I just bought myself a Lima (Lima – The first Cloud that respects your privacy). I would like to be able to get to my picture files from all my devices. It's just meant to see them, not really to work with them through lightroom. Would it be a good idea then to make Smart Previews and...
  9. Tim Grollimund

    iMac crashed (1TB HD), moving to Macbook Pro (500GB HD); need help

    On Monday my iMac (Early 2009, 1TB HD) crashed. It's toast. I have a Macbook Pro (2009) I need to move everything to. I used to use the Macbook while traveling. I updated LR (am using LR 4), and I have written all my photo files from the MyBook backup drive to a new Seagate external drive...
  10. lettyski

    How to backup LR from two computers on one hard drive

    Hi, Very green around the ears here. I have backup questions. I have LR cc on an imac desktop and a MacBook Pro. I use the imac when home and the laptop when traveling. Right now the desktop LR is using 2.2GB (does that mean storage?) and LR on laptop takes up 2.1 GB. I do have an external hard...
  11. Krista Aman-Widgren

    Can't transfer photos after buying new computer

    Hi I need help! I purchased a new computer (Dell with Windows 10). My old Lightroom photos are on a Silicon Power external hard drive. I can see the photos on the external, but they don't show up on Lightroom. I have tried numerous times to import or transfer but no joy. I think the problem is...
  12. M

    External Hard Drive decisions

    I am currently using a Lacie 2Big Quadra external hard drive to store my Lightroom photos. It's configured so that the two 2TB discs mirror each other.....it's getting old. I'd like to have another similar storage drive to mirror this one by using two 4 TB discs. How can I, using Lightroom...
  13. B

    External hard drive not ejecting

    I am using Lightroom 6 or CC and have a Firewire external hard drive with my photos and catalogues on it. My computer is an iMac 27 running El Capitan. When I quite Lightroom and then try to eject/unmount the external hard drive the system is unable to eject it and says that some program is...