external editing

  1. N

    Lightroom Classic - Edit in Photoshop greyed out

    Hi, After updating to the latest version of PS and before updating to LRC v13.0.1, the Edit in Photoshop option is greyed out. Updating to LRC v13.0.1, has made no difference. This happens with all files I have tried. All other external editors eg Topaz, Nik and Capture One, are loading LR...
  2. K

    File Naming when returning to Lightroom from Photoshop.

    I'm frustrated. My workflow takes a photo and an image of a matte, both from Lightroom, and opens them together as layers in Photoshop. Then I flatten the layers and save them back to Lightroom so there is one file. The original photo is named something like IMG_12345.tif and the matte image is...
  3. Paul_DS256

    Renaming TIF Files Returning From External Editors

    My default suffix for files sent to external editors is "-Edit". What I've tried to start remembering to do is rename this, with the external program used, so that in the future I know what I was trying to do. For example, "-PS", "-DeNoise", "-Sharp". However, many times I forget. I've checked...
  4. P

    External edit choice not possible

    Hi Not sure if this has already been posted. If so, apologies. I have Lightroom Classic 10.3 on my iMac on macOS 11.5 Big Sur which I use in conjunction with Photoshop. The latest updates to Photoshop 2021 have proved problematic so I reverted back to an earlier Photoshop 2020 version. However...
  5. A

    Function 'Edit a copy with Lightroom adjustments' not working correctly

    Hello everyone, since working on a new imac I have an issue with brush/pen tool colours while editing a copy of an image with Lightroom adjustments in Photoshop. A completely separate file created in photoshop is showing true colours (as per the colour code), while a photo opened through...