external drives

  1. L

    LR6 freezes when plugging in any external device

    I installed a new Radeon HD6450 Graphics card on Wednesday. (Meets specifications as best as I can tell). Since then, if I plug anything (external hard drive or memory card reader) into any of my 4 USB ports, LR6 freezes up within seconds. If I try to close LR or click on any another window...
  2. JeffEllis

    Does the Master catalog have to reside on startup disk- OSX?

    Hi all, Happy to read previous posts if you can point me there. Using a 2013 model MacPro (Trashcan) purchased Jan 2015, with a 500gb internal drive and a 3 disk 15TB total Thunderbolt raid for User files and all images. OS10.5.5 Lightroom CC2015.6.1 Camera Raw 9.6 (I've not done the very...
  3. Amanda Clowe

    Lightroom no longer finding my images on external hard drive resolved

    Hi there ! I'm a newbie with LR4 on my iMac,using an external hard drive to store my photos from 2011-2015. All has been well with me editing photos stored on the hard drive only a few days ago. Today I have gone to do the same and Lightroom has Question marks against all my folders on the...
  4. C

    Backup to 2 external drives

    I am new to Lightroom CC. In fact, I am new to Lightroom. I currently have two external drives (3TB each) to which I backup my photos. Each drive has the same folders and same photos. On each drive there is a primary folder labeled, "Digital Photos." Under this are a number of folders and...
  5. B

    Using LR CC.6 with Windows 10 "and" MacBook Pro

    I have always used a PC (now with Windows 10); but I recently purchased a MacBook Pro. and want to use my LR catalog on both computers. I keep my LR catalog on external drives. I would really appreciate help in figuring out how to use both systems. I purchased the MacBook Pro for travel; but I...
  6. J

    Saving processed photos to second drive

    Imported images from sad card into Lightroom, on 1 external drive Edit in Lightroom, do final edits in Photoshop Need to save to 2nd hard drive as psd.- not to drive 1 Edited picture should appear in catalog in drive 2, not in drive 1 ( in other words, I save psd files to drive 2, which had its...